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Monday, September 10, 2012

Cat Hypnotism

By the way, I would like to point out that it is apparently possible to hypnotize me through the cunning use of cats.
Danny 3107.8

 Isha, I like your hat. It goes especially well with your third arm.
Michal 3109.25

Fire escape grating?
You and your fetishes.
Scott to Quinn 3110.59

You mean this isn't the Tough Estelle Getty forum?
Ryan R 3110.80

There's no way I'm discussing the weather on a Muppet fan message
board. I simply refuse. What's the cliché about weather and conversation?
I can not, and will not post about how it snowed lastnight, and we got
about a foot or so. And that it warmed up today, but is quite cold now,
and windy.
And I certainly will not mention anything about how the
dumbfuck-hired-help-snow-shovelor did a crappy job clearing a 3 car
occupancy drive-way, by only removing enough snow for one car.
I can't believe it's come to this. On Tough Pigs, of all places, we're discussing the weather!?! Sheesh.
Patrick 3119.23

Best weird call I ever got was when I lived in a house run by an organization called "St. Paul's Outreach."
I picked up the phone and the man said, "Hello! Is St. Paul there?"
And, thinking it was a prank call from the guys' house I laughed. The man says "May I speak to St. Paul please?" and I stopped laughing. The guy said "Is this the house of St. Paul Outreach?" I said "Yes!"
He said "My name is such and such from such and such bank. May I speak to St. Paul?"
I said "Uhhhhhhm..."
and he says "Wait. ... ... Is this a church?" and I said "Yes." and he hung up.
Isha 3119.42

Also, you win a thread all to your very own, which you can enjoy for about three posts, then watch in horror as it gets hijacked and is yanked further and further off topic, until it consists of nothing but the words "goat," "monkey," and "Quinn's penis."
Kynan 3125.2


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