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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dec 2, 2003

"And now here's Anthony to drug me."
Michal 3083.23

"Or better yet, did your mother sew a long string from one mitten to the other, that ran up one sleeve and down another? Mine did, and as I got older the string didn't get longer, so after awhile only one arm could be outstreched, while the other pulled back to whack against my chest."
Nate 3083.44
"Beginning your lifelong affinity for Big Bird. "
Danny 3083.56

"Holy guacamole.
That's it; I'm going to go write my paper THIS INSTANT, before I have twenty new posts to read."
Michal 3083.60
Hear ye, hear ye.

"Those are cute. Although "Animal Smiling" looks... not quite right. He's got this air of tranquility about him that is unsettling. This Animal plays an acoustic guitar and sings folk songs.
Holy crap, can I overanalyze a piece of jewelry, or what?"
Jess 3084.9

"I love original Pooh. Part of my learning German was reading all of the AA Milne stories auf Deutsch--it was a great experience. Understood the whole Pooh thing much better in English after it all.
So Julian, when I called you "Ferkel," it was out of love."
Quinn 3807.7

"I have a lot of text saved in a Word document (yes, I'm serious) that I felt the need to have for posterity due to hilarity.
I promise to leave out all the "Funny Little Thing" mentions, which I have saved every single one of."
Michal 3089.4
"You have? Wow.
You...Creepy Little Thing."
Kynan 3089.6

"John is the funniest human who ever lived.
Ryan is the funniest STRAIGHT human who ever lived.
Danny is not human, so he's in a different category.
Kynan, obviously, is me. So, you know. Extra points.
Michal is a Funny Little Thing. (This could be more important than you realize.)
Let's not forget -- Isha is (or, at some point, was) a really nice girl. Her innocence (or lack thereof) must be worth something.
Warrick has the body of Fabio, the heart of a newborn 10-year-old boy, and a weird thing for Dionne Warwick. He either deserves our respect, or our pity. Possibly both.
Joggy manages to be weird and obtuse in many languages simultaneously. As for Julia, ditto, but for "weird and obtuse," substitute "hot and sexy." Ditto Thijs, but for "hot and sexy," substitute, "unpronounceable." Also "lucky."
Alaina went away to learn how to be a better hippie, and came back with tales of animal mutilation. Heart of gold, sure, but her words tell a different story.
Anthony, bless his soul, has read every TP thread ever conceived. He is not yet, as far as we know, criminally insane. He's gotta deserve SOME kind of reward.
Emmy is Emmy. I think you know what I'm trying to say.
But above all -- Jess is my girlfriend. So she gets EXTRA special treatment.
Not everyone is mentioned here. That's because I'm drunk...Also lazy."
Kynan 3089.30

"There used to be intellectual integrity around here? I'm glad it was already gone by the time I got here."
Cathy 3089.61

"Exploding heads are a learning experience. I've survived two of them, and one by one my friends have decided it's trendy and followed suit.
Besides which, keeping my head in a functional state is a lost cause."
Michal 3096.16

"I'm WAY too nice for Hell, and I think God knows that."
Isha 3096.49

"Life is all about finding your own path to follow. And that, as long as you're living your life in a way that's right for you (and doesn't infringe on others' rights), can not be wrong, no matter what the church (or my overly religious mother) says."
Cathy 3096.51

"I bet we all meet at the end. Heaven should be one hell of an interesting place."
Jes 3096.101

"I have no major problems with other religions... except, you know, like, volcano worshippers....
I should found my own religion. Everyone is welcome, and everyone gets free muffins and doughnuts."
Ryan R 3096.104
"Can we take a field trip to a volcano?"
Scott 3096.105
"Provided you don't plan to worship it. If that's your thing, you can start your own religion."
Ryan R 3096.108
"I already did. It's called Scottism. We sit around in kilts and tell dirty jokes."
Scott 3096.109

"On Sunday Miles head-butted Melissa and gave her a fat lip [in church], so she just threw him up in the of our friends caught him."
Quinn 3096.117

"Here's my suggestion for ToughPigsFest: Play "Duck, Duck, Goose," but call it "Goat, Goat, Monkey.""
Ryan R 3098.27
"Or, I could see myself playing, "Goat, monkey, goat, monkey, goat, monkey -- QUINN'S PENIS!" and running around the circle at high speed chased by at least two out of three."
Michal 3098.28

"It's safe to assume that after 25 posts in any thread, Artie, that some body part of Quinns will be mentioned eventually.
It has something to do with theory of relativity, I think."
Cathy 3098.42

"I've got some German Christmas CDs--they make me miss the Weihnachtmarkts they have over there every December. "
Quinn 3102.13

"I'm a Christmas Junkie"
Nate 3102.23
"I just had a vision of you snorting tinsel."
Daniel 3102.24
"Nah, Christmas Junkies smoke frankincense and myrrh. "
Martha 3102.35


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