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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Nov 30- Dec 1, 2003

"Every time I see Rizzo's hat & jacket outfit, I think of how fun it is to know how Mrs. Whitmire originally came up with the idea for Rizzo's clothes."
Travis 3068.16
Okay, how did Mrs. Whitmire come up with the idea for Rizzo's clothes?

"Julian, nobody can take the place of my fpE!!!
Now stop sweating on me."
Cathy 3073.78

"You ambiguously straight guys are getting more ambiguous every day. "
Danny 3074.50

"I used to be such a grinch round this time of year
Working in retail brought me such little cheer
Witnessing peoples love of material wealth
Made me worry for all of humanity's health
But seeing you Santa and the way that you're living
Made me realize that its about peoples love of giving
You come round here just to make people happy
Maybe others will too (I know it sounds sappy)
It's a little change in me Santa but hey its a start
You've put the christmas spirit back in my heart
And the meaning of christmas to me now seems quite clear
If only I could figure out the other 11 months in the year"
Cathy 3075.6

"(I think Santa just asked me out!)" Danny 3075.39

"Oh my gosh! We've corrupted Santa!
And he used to be such a nice girl..."
Emmy 3075.80

"Okay, I'm bragging on this one.
Not only did I get Santa to post out of rhyme. But about Depends too.
Now as to the alligations of getting him drunk, my mouth is sealed. But I've corrupted far worse in my lifetime."
Nate 3075.85
"What's worse than corrupting Santa?
Did you sell crack to the baby Jesus?"
Cathy 3075.86
"How do you think the Tooth Fairy became a FAIRY!"
Nate 3075.87

"About two years ago I used to work with a guy named Robin, and can remember our first conversation when we met and introduced ourselves. It was a very loud day with lots of noisy machinery around.
Robin: "Hi, my name's Robin"
Me: "Robert?"
Robin: "No, Robin."
Me: "... Rob?" Robin: "
ROBIN" Me: "r-r-Robbie??"
Robin: "ROBIN! As in Batman and ROBIN!"
Me: "Oh! ROBIN! Like Kermit the Frog's nephew's name!"
Robin: "What's Kermit the Frog's nephew's name?"
Me: "Yeah, Robin. You know?"
Robin: "No, but it's on the tip of my tongue. Hold on... I'll think of it any minute now."
Me: "Okay"
Travis 3079.7

Discussing a Muppet nativity...
"I think Robin's too old to be Baby Jesus anyway. Maybe the Avocado that came with Statler/Waldorf would make a good Baby Jesus. "
Quinn 3082.27

"Jesus was a Frog Scout?"
Danny 3082.30
"Isn't that the name of a country song?"
-Ryan R- 3082.31
"How about the Koozbanian baby?"
Jog 3082.32


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