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Monday, September 18, 2006

November 27, 2003

"Holy shit!
I forgot Isha kann Deutsch auch!
I feel so dirty.
Hee!" Quinn 3046.59

"I have to admit, I feel left out when you guys use german to pass private notes to one another. So I tried to translate it on alta vista's babelfish (I love that it's named after Hitchiker's Guide's translator). But what happens is direct translation - which means it's almost as confusing as the german you're writing in...
You said: Keine sorgen liebchen. Alles wird verziehen.
The babelfish said: Now I get also still annoyance. So a shit.
The good thing is that I now have some sense of some kind of idea of maybe what you were saying."
Thom 3046.66
"You made that up right? Because I said like the exact opposite."
Isha 3046.67
"Haha! You translated the WRONG line, silly!"
Julian 3046.68

"Mileses get replaced periodically. Soon Quinn will have to rotate out his son and bring in a new Miles."
Danny 3051.17

"Having come to the Muppet fanatic table a bit late..."
Sean 3067.8
"That's probably my favorite Muppet typo that I've ever seen. :)"
David 3067.9

"Mental note: If you go on vacation with Quinn, make sure you don't let him come in your luggage. Could be messy."
Danny 3067.29


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