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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nov 22, 2003

"Geography is always a problem for me. I get lost easy (I should try Hare Krishna)--spin me around a couple of times and I can't tell a closet from a doorway. Dammit, someone's always trying to get me into or out of a closet." David S 3012.28

"I love this place." Cathy 3012.33
"And this place loves you. It told me over coffee." Daniel 3012.34
"Wait a second. It told you over coffee?
Is this place *cheating* on me?" Cathy 3012.35
*Tries to wipe lipstick off of collar*" Daniel 3012.36

"I like being questioned in dark, mysterious rooms by dark, mysterious people wielding croquet mallets.
I actually just did that last night, then got admitted into their society, and went drinking with them. Then I came back and posted with rum 'n' cider in me.

People question my sanity on most days; I take it for granted, and when I remember to, I get a kick out of it.

My parents have questioned my judgement since the day I was born and will continue to do so until long after we're all dead; consequently, I question their judgement on the day I was conceived."
Michal 3012.45

"Is my dad gay?" Alaina 3013.1

"If only we could figure out if my mom is gay, then we'd be getting somewhere." Jessica 3013.11

"This sounds like some kind of weird new reality show..." Emmy 3013.12

"Yay! Great story Jess. Tell Kynan to tell you to tell it again?" Cathy 3016.7
"Is this some weird kind of ventriloquism?" Danny 3016.8
"For our next trick, I'm going to sing Lady of Spain while Kynan drinks a glass of water." Jess 3016.9

"Star Wars III is going to be a massive, massive hit. The terrorists have already won." Kynan 3018.2


  • Lovely choices, as usual.

    The first one was even funnier when I read it as, "Dammit, someone's always trying to get me into or out of a corset."

    By Blogger Martha, at 7:44 PM  

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