Tough Pig Incredible Journey

Monday, September 18, 2006

November 27, 2003

"Holy shit!
I forgot Isha kann Deutsch auch!
I feel so dirty.
Hee!" Quinn 3046.59

"I have to admit, I feel left out when you guys use german to pass private notes to one another. So I tried to translate it on alta vista's babelfish (I love that it's named after Hitchiker's Guide's translator). But what happens is direct translation - which means it's almost as confusing as the german you're writing in...
You said: Keine sorgen liebchen. Alles wird verziehen.
The babelfish said: Now I get also still annoyance. So a shit.
The good thing is that I now have some sense of some kind of idea of maybe what you were saying."
Thom 3046.66
"You made that up right? Because I said like the exact opposite."
Isha 3046.67
"Haha! You translated the WRONG line, silly!"
Julian 3046.68

"Mileses get replaced periodically. Soon Quinn will have to rotate out his son and bring in a new Miles."
Danny 3051.17

"Having come to the Muppet fanatic table a bit late..."
Sean 3067.8
"That's probably my favorite Muppet typo that I've ever seen. :)"
David 3067.9

"Mental note: If you go on vacation with Quinn, make sure you don't let him come in your luggage. Could be messy."
Danny 3067.29

Nov 24, 2003

I was wondering why you keep booting me from chat." djharley 3823.1
"You didn't have your orange jacket on. We thought you were a deer." Danny 3823.3

"Have we really come to a world where companies can say "Pay or else we'll make it impossible for you to meet your friends for free"?"
Jog 3827.10
"Well... yeah. What made you think that we weren't already there?"
Danny 3827.11
"What's next? Having to pay for reading someone's Blog? Or Ebay? Or your own emails? Or to get out of your house? "
Jog 3827.12

"And yeah, we might as well get started on the Real Names Club badgering. Follow the instructions on the Start page of the forum, and nobody gets hurt. It's your orange jacket, use it wisely."
Danny 3831.7

On Playing With Dolls:
"Well, I hope I'm not spoiling the joke by saying this, but yeah.
Half the joke is that they're like Ernie and Bert, where you can't tell if they're supposed to be roommates or boyfriends.
And then the other half of the joke is that duh, of course they're boyfriends."
Danny 3031.20
"The thought never even crossed my mind until you (or someone else) said it on the board. Of course, this is Tough Pigs, so it probably should have. But it didn't."
Anthony 3031.21
"Well, that's the third half of the joke."
Danny 3031.22

"you can always flirt with the freaky guys like me and won't get you anywhere, but we always appreciate the attention."
Quinn 3031.63

"Ladies and this not why we all love Scott?"
Tom 3036.24
"Well, that and the Kermit boxers :D"
Cathy 3035.25

"Eric is so good at Piggy that I find myself hating her for all the same reasons that I did when I was a kid. And that is a wonderful thing."
Scott 3035.27

"Why won't they give me a sitcom? "
Quinn 3043.9
"I don't think you can get a sitcom until Miles is old enough to sass back to you."
Emmy 3043.10
"Picture it: exterior of a suburban two story home, Anywhere, Utah. Hip-hop theme song kicks in, followed by graphic text: ALL QUINN THE FAMILY. Starring Quinn (scene of Quinn gesturing fatherly with a turkey baster in one hand), Milissa (hands on hips, shaking head disapprovingly yet smiling), and Miles (clutching teddy bear, arching eyebrow smartly). With special guest star Jan Hooks as "Franny" (bursting through kitchen door, wacky-neighbor-like.)"
John 3043.12

"But anyway yeah. Mormons have sex. I was a virgin until I got married. Now I don't think I am anymore."
Quinn 3043.18
"I'd hope so. Otherwise, I'd say Melissa'd have some splainin' to do."
Daniel 3043.19
"Yeah...usually I do the 'splainin to her. Sometimes with diagrams.
And puppets."
Quinn 3043.20

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nov 22, 2003

"Geography is always a problem for me. I get lost easy (I should try Hare Krishna)--spin me around a couple of times and I can't tell a closet from a doorway. Dammit, someone's always trying to get me into or out of a closet." David S 3012.28

"I love this place." Cathy 3012.33
"And this place loves you. It told me over coffee." Daniel 3012.34
"Wait a second. It told you over coffee?
Is this place *cheating* on me?" Cathy 3012.35
*Tries to wipe lipstick off of collar*" Daniel 3012.36

"I like being questioned in dark, mysterious rooms by dark, mysterious people wielding croquet mallets.
I actually just did that last night, then got admitted into their society, and went drinking with them. Then I came back and posted with rum 'n' cider in me.

People question my sanity on most days; I take it for granted, and when I remember to, I get a kick out of it.

My parents have questioned my judgement since the day I was born and will continue to do so until long after we're all dead; consequently, I question their judgement on the day I was conceived."
Michal 3012.45

"Is my dad gay?" Alaina 3013.1

"If only we could figure out if my mom is gay, then we'd be getting somewhere." Jessica 3013.11

"This sounds like some kind of weird new reality show..." Emmy 3013.12

"Yay! Great story Jess. Tell Kynan to tell you to tell it again?" Cathy 3016.7
"Is this some weird kind of ventriloquism?" Danny 3016.8
"For our next trick, I'm going to sing Lady of Spain while Kynan drinks a glass of water." Jess 3016.9

"Star Wars III is going to be a massive, massive hit. The terrorists have already won." Kynan 3018.2