Tough Pig Incredible Journey

Thursday, August 31, 2006

November 2003

"Rhyming's not easy,
I understand that,
But now, with this new movie Cat in the Hat,
There's all these reviewers who're wasting their time
Twisting up their opinions to come out in rhyme.
Now, good rhymes can make you sound witty and clever,
But bad rhymes are painful, forever and ever.
So someone please tell all these critics and writers
That something and something and something and spiders.
Thank you."
Danny 2993.1

" Last night, amid all the chocolate, the goat spoke to me.
And I knew what I had to do."
Isha 2994.7

"Okay, so there's this new guy at my work, and he looks just like me. But he's gay, so really he's probably a little better looking than me. You know how your people are. Anyway, he works one bay over from me, and so he walks through here a few times a day. It's just weird. I've had probably 20 people come up to me and say "have you seen this guy?" and I assume they're doing the same thing to him.
It's kinda creepy. I know one of us will die in the end."
Quinn 2996.1

"My only memories of Boy Scouts include a bobcat in my tent, chopping Alan Tullis in the leg with an axe, and hearing Robbie Elmer spanking the monkey in the tent over from mine."
Quinn 3002.50
"I grow a little more frightened of you every day, Quinn."
Cathy 3002.51

"But here's an announcement, so everyone hush.
Settle down. Shhhhhhh!
May I now have your attention.
Kynan is a fuckhat.
Thanks for your attention.
You may now resume posting mindless dribble."
Nate 3004.5
"Oh, thank goodness. I'd been waiting all day."
Danny 3004.6