Tough Pig Incredible Journey

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

November 17, 2003

Do you have Delphi advanced?- the war 2966.1

Anthony reiews Muppets Tonight: 2968.1

"I will respond to this message when I am sober. See you after the holidays!" Dan 2970.16

"Dear Minx, we were twins the moment we discovered the true purpose of those fake tree branches!" 2971.19 John (?)

"Us Frosties do our yearly trudge through the snow for Tante Baum (our real Christmas tree) during the first significant snowstorm of December, whenever it happens. If it doesn't snow, Tante Baum's a no show. So far that has only happened once, where we had to make do with just one tree. Because we usually have two. A fake one and Tante Baum. And Tante Baum is lush. "Oh Tante Baum, oh Tante Baum! Du bist sehr trauglich!" Or something." Travis 2971.21

"John, I could kiss you. In fact, I will kiss you. Often. In private places." Danny 2971.63

"The Western world has this unfortunate habit of just totally renaming other people's stuff. Francaise became "French." Deutsch became "German." And Hollandish became "Hollandaise."" Kynan 2972.12
"And you shall now be known as "Timmy."" Cathy 2972.13

Anthony ponders John Denver and the Muppets Rocky Mountain Holiday: 2987.2

Sunday, July 23, 2006

November 15, 2003

"I feel compelled to clarify the definition of soaky.
Soaky, adj. : groovy and relaxed. " Danny 2950.1

2951.1 Cathy, Kellie and Kermit

"Usually I think you're an idiot.
But this time you're right.
I just stood up in my little cubicle and applauded your post.
And I think I inadvertantly flashed someone.
But not you. " Quinn to Kynan 2953.3