Tough Pig Incredible Journey

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

November 14, 2003

"I had no idea Warrick was 6'4" or Dionne Warwick was still alive." Anthony 2933.4

"Maybe he's including hair length in his calculations.
I feel weird about wanting to pat him on the head now, knowing that I'd have to use a step-ladder to do it." Kynan 2933.7

"I keep telling people: You don't have to visit Muppet Central. It will never make you happy again. It only makes you sad and furious.
But nobody listens to me. Until it's too late. "
Danny 2943.19

"I think it's Danny's goat, and he just lets us all borrow it.
We are all associated with the goat. Or at least we should be...or will be... or something."
David S 2943.28
"The goat does not belong to anyone except itself. It is its own independent goat.
It just hangs around with us because it chooses to. Kind of like Quinn."
Danny 2943.29

"All goats are aspects of The One True Goat." Danny 2943.38


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