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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

November 12-13, 2003

"I am the most contrary boy in the world." Danny 2906.8
"Yeah--but at least you're not a woman. That'd be much MUCH worse." Quinn 2906.13
"Well, maybe I am a woman. Ever think of THAT, smart guy? Hanh?" Danny 2906.14

"Everything's better with a removable chicken." Danny 2906.14

"Alison Bartlett is now Alison Bartlett-O'Reilly.
This means she either got married, or she had a high-speed collision with a rogue hyphen." Kynan 2911.6

"I don't remember anything related to sporting events. It's my nature. " Danny 2912.24

Cathy spends the morning with Steve and Kermit: 2913.11

"Some dude translated "Baby Got Back" into Latin, then back into English. Have I mentioned this yet?
It had phrases like "Lo! Her trousers are stuffed full of buttock!"" Michal 2914.24

The first thread I remember lurking (Isha really was a nice girl once): 2917.1

"My No-Niceness policy makes exceptions for people that I want to have sex with, and people that might conceivably give me Christmas presents. You fit into both categories." Danny 2917.35


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