Tough Pig Incredible Journey

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Nov 11, 2003

"Let me get this straight... there is a whole family of OrangeOscars stalking us on the forum?
Some weird shit goes on here, lemme tell you." Jessica 2894.9

"I love Beeker and Busen playing chess!" Isha 2895.2

"My birthday is on Kermit the Frog Day! A cooler birthday there shall never be!" Cathy 2896.2

"Bad writing is my Kryptonite." Kynan 2903.40

"I actually think this story would make the ultimate Muppet fan drinking game. It gets passed around the group, and you have to read as much as you can out loud without laughing. When you laugh, you have to stop, take a drink, and pass the story on to the next person."
Danny 2903.53


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