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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Short Update

"Jeepers creepers, it suddenly struck me how awful it must be for new forum members to come in and try to figure out what the hell we're all talking about." Danny 2840.14

"This only JUST struck you?" Kynan 2840.15

Longest thread yet: Worst Movie Ever with 463 posts. 2844.2

"Buddy is an experience that I think every Muppet fan should go through at least once, if only to cure you once and for all of the idea that everything Henson does is worthwhile." Danny 2844.7

"Being saved from an icy death is one thing, but you don't want to be late for your dentist appointment." Danny 2844.32

"It was turtley enough for the Turtle Club. Turtle, Turtle." Michal 2844.241
Are you a Turtle?

Danny's glamorous e-mail life: 2845.45

Car stories: 2857.1

Mark Hamill on working with the Muppets:
"Again, like The Simpsons -iconic status with me. I have been watching them since they were on the Ed Sullivan show. And I got a lifelong friend, Richard Hunt, from them who has since passed away. He became one of the best friends my family has ever had. And we all miss him every day." 2860.1

Most TPers seem to have gotten their driving licenses at age 20: 2862.1
I am 21 and only have a driver's permit.

"Which reminds me of a fun German story involving "Buersten" and "Bruesten" and how you shouldn't mix them up. Especially if you're a pure and clean and wholesome Mormon missionary." Quinn 2866.44

"Oh, what a chat
Early November back in 2003
What a very special time for me
As I remember, what a chat ... " David 2884.5

"The Muppet Treasure Island isn't an island, it's a discount department store run by Hilda, Wayne and Wanda. This week's specials are on paper towels, notebook filler paper, and women's large pantyhose. The blue plate item at the snack bar is cod with green beans." Guest 2884.5


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