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Sunday, May 21, 2006

October-November 2003

"In my world, Isha's happy ALL the time!" Cathy 2760.29

"let's get back to the erotic stuff and the Quinn puns." Jog 2768.16

"Everybody around here seems to have me confused with someone named Young Padawan. I wonder if Padawan, wherever she is, keeps getting called Michal." Michal 2768.50

"If I ever go fishing, I'm going to really annoy my companions, because I'll be scaring all the fish away by yelling like Ernie." Ryan R. 2769.34

"Your brother has a catchphrase that includes the word "Kermie" and you didn't know it was from the Muppets?" Kynan 2769.51

"What *I* can't believe is that Senor Wences didn't die until like 1999-2001 somewhere in there. When that came across the news, Melissa and I looked at each other like "hunh." In fact we may have come right out and SAID "hunh."
Because who knew he'd live to be 140?" Quinn 2769.96

"ANOTHER Scott's email discussion?!
*opens the door for aliens and Ed Sullivan* Come on in, guys. -sigh- " Jog 2772.10

"Here's some more clues.
17. One figure is made of jam.
18. One figure is entirely conceptual.
19. One figure will just sit around and complain.
20. One figure likes pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain.
21. One figure to rule them all.
22. One figure to find them.
23. One figure to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them."
Danny 2773.12

"One figure will know something you don't know.
Half a figure will be filled with milk.
All the figures will gyre and gimble in the wabe." Scott 2773.17

"One figure, two figure, red Figure, blue figure
One figure has a little car
One figure has a little star
What a lot of funny figures there are!"
Isha 2773.41

"Just wanted to out myself as a FellowCathyLover - that's all. :)" Julian 2779.1

Frequently asked stupid questions: 2787.1

Guest to Danny: "Well, that confirms my suspicion that Ed is a belligerent Krofft fan who probably beats you." 2788.27
Danny to Guest: "He is not a Krofft fan. He is a Degrassi High fan.
Everything else you said is true." 2788.28

"Eh, shaddap.
I'm the God of Purity and you know it.
Now make a Fisher Price figure of me" 2789.59 Byron

"Everything is about boogies when you're three." Scott 2793.22

"Many a midwestern frau" should be moved to the catchphrase thread, 'cause from now on I'm using it whenever I can." David S. 2796.10
Germanglish is the language I am best at.

"Art is not the object... it is the act of MAKING the object. Art *is* energy, man. It is love. It is life. Whoa. Be impressed." David S. 2796.167


  • Laughing hysterically at Danny's list of figures. Heeee...

    By Blogger Martha, at 8:43 PM  

  • That FellowCathyLover comment is actually an homage to my screen name. I had forgotten what trouble it gave me from time to time. Most of Delphi thought I was a rabid supporter of George W., which in fact, I was not.

    (ohhh whaaat is the letter we love? what sound are we extra fond of?... come on, somebody must know the rest of the words on Delphi...)

    By Blogger aliastaken, at 5:55 PM  

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