Tough Pig Incredible Journey

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

October 2003 Still Continuing

"In the German dubbing, Sam's line (in German of course) is:
You are all perverts!
.. but see: it fits just as well!" Julian 2633.43

"Oh, I'm excited about everything, I'm like the Bean Bunny of the Muppet Fan world!"
Zach 2637.5

"A forum host's curse be upon you until you mend your wicked ways." Danny 2643.1

Wollt Ihr bumsen?" Julian 2646.58
"Yes. The answer is yes." Isha 2646.59
"you must be serious! :}
I'll leave you and Joggy alone in the bedroom for an hour!
*rushes out and lurks through window*" Julian 2646.60
"du brauchst nicht draußen bleiben, wenn du überwachen möchtest. ;)" Isha 2646.63

"I'm not sure whether I hate you or want to marry you. " Erik 2646.106
"Probably a strange mix of both. Sadly, that's the usual effect I have on men." Cathy 2646.109

"Julian's already there.He's claimed asylum from all the ravenous TP men.Don't worry though, soon I'll begin stealing small bits of his wardrobe and selling them on e-bay." Isha 2647.10
"Isha, I'm starting to wonder whether you were EVER a nice girl." Kynan 2647.11
"This is such a great idea! Whadda team we'll be!You be da brain and I be da underpants!!!" Julian 2647.13

"I have decided that you are a funny little thing.
In fact, I decree it. Let it be known through all the world that Michal is a Funny Little Thing." Kynan 2655.23

Anthony's Incredible Journey begins: 2657.2

"I swear, in the event of a nuclear war, all that will be left will be cockroaches and Bea Arthur!" Patrick 2663.1


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