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Monday, May 08, 2006

October 2003 Never Ending

"So I came into work today and Martha says "your GIRLFRIEND is in the magazine today" and I say "what the hell are you smoking today?" and she said "there was a Muppet in this magazine dumbass" and I said, yeah, was it Piggy again? and she said "no, it was some blonde with big lips" and I said "oh, that's not MY girlfriend, that's BYRON'S girlfriend" and she said "are you in a support group?" and I said "show me the damn picture." " Quinn 2718.1

"I think the use of testicles as currency is a bit extreme. I mean, I can honestly see giving one, but since I would never give both, that means one is all I have to spend. Which means unless it's something that would save the life of me, Melissa, or Miles (okay, or Byron) I'd do it.
Or if it was U2 tickets.
But anything else, no way.
Or a tall glass of Coke on a hot day, with the sunlight filtering redly down through the ice cubes and the hourglass shaped glass, condensation beading down the outside of the glass, soaking the coaster placed on the mahogany coffee table expressly for that purpose...
But NOTHING ELSE." Quinn 2721.44

"Why does no one care about Jack Elam?!?" Danny 2726.2
Jerry Nelson cares. Jack Elam was one of Jerry Nelson's heroes. And I'm not going to tell you how I know that on a public blog. Hee hee.

"We decided that child #2 is named "Ken."'s a name we would never EVER use, and we're just calling that child "Ken."
Child #3 is "Sheila."
If there is a child 4 (Melissa seems to think there will be, I think there won't be) it will be "Bubba."
Anyway, that's what's going down. If we can figure out how to make it all work, "Ken" will be coming to a theatre near you in Oct-Dec 2004." Quinn 2734.63

"On a purely personal note: my grandmother dated Ted Geisel when they were in high school. I have a dance card that has suspiciously Seussian doodles all over it. My great-grandmother didn't approve of him...told my grandmother that "he isn't going to amount to anything...all he likes to do is sit around and draw." (!!!) True story." Martha 2744.8

Adult Muppet Humor: 2758.1


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