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Sunday, May 07, 2006

October 2003 Ever Onwards

Unseen Works of Jim: 2665.1

"My name sounds like somebody's dying. I love that." Jogchem 2671.7

"Dude, I know you're a boy. But "you go, Dutch male person" is just *that* much less catchy." Kynan to Jog 2671.27

"The first time I read that, I read "an orange Kermit for St. Patrick's Day," which would definitely be a unique marketing move. " Jess 2674.26


"The Muppet characters don't have a history or a past. They exist in an eternal present, and whatever is true right this minute is true. " Danny 2690.14 Wow, Muppet philosophy!

Earliest Muppet Wizard of Oz rumor: 2691.1

"I feel so dirty! That was my first "Delphi has determined that you've said something inappropriate" experience.
Bloody l o l l i p o p ban. I will smack someone like a bad bad donkey okey." Michal 2691.83

"Miss Mousey may not be a main character, but I'd kill farm animals to see her released as a figure." Scott 2694.11

Random catchphrases: 2706.1


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