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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

November 3-4, 2003

"Joggy told us that we have to give our children the following names: Tommie and Ieniemienie. Ahem. No thank you. I was more thinking of more international names like "Beautiful Day Monster" or "Big Mamma." Thjis 2815.15

"It's funny that I was re-reading part of that "In Defense of Muppet Babies" and it got to the part that I wrote myself, and that's where the picture of Jim Henson was, and I thought "hunh--I didn't know Quinn had a full beard like that..."
Wow--I need a little more sleep. " Quinn 2818.38

"In related news, my grandpa used to trade in hazelnuts for Nutella (Ferrero)." Julian 2818.110

"Anyone with an unpronounceable name can feel free to refer to him or herself as "Thijs"." Danny 2828.6

"Due to my middle name, I will probably burn in hell." Patrick 2831.4

"My middle name is Anne." Martha 2831.17
Yay, mine too! I'm Elizabeth Anne, apparently one of America's most common names.

"Your last name should be something like "Lewis" so you could begin conversations with "Call me IshaMayL"" Kellie to Isha, 2831.67

"I'd never realized until now what a profoundly ugly man Marvin Suggs actually is." Kynan 2832.9

"I love to go to a museum or gallery and pick one picture and just sit there and stare at it. It can be abstract or realistic, impressionistic or postmodern-dada-doppelganger-cubist. It doesn’t matter. If you devote your attention totally to one painting, you see the world differently. You sort of become one with the painting, which can be messy. So don’t stand too close."

"I’ve never kicked anyone out of our band. We’re equal opportunity wackos."

"A fan once mistook me for Marilyn Manson. I guess we have a kind of similar complexion."

"I would love to have dinner with Michelangelo, preferably while he was living. And, of course we’d serve Italian food and eat off the ceiling."
all of the above from an interview with Kermit, posted by Mar, 2833.1


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