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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Short Update

"Jeepers creepers, it suddenly struck me how awful it must be for new forum members to come in and try to figure out what the hell we're all talking about." Danny 2840.14

"This only JUST struck you?" Kynan 2840.15

Longest thread yet: Worst Movie Ever with 463 posts. 2844.2

"Buddy is an experience that I think every Muppet fan should go through at least once, if only to cure you once and for all of the idea that everything Henson does is worthwhile." Danny 2844.7

"Being saved from an icy death is one thing, but you don't want to be late for your dentist appointment." Danny 2844.32

"It was turtley enough for the Turtle Club. Turtle, Turtle." Michal 2844.241
Are you a Turtle?

Danny's glamorous e-mail life: 2845.45

Car stories: 2857.1

Mark Hamill on working with the Muppets:
"Again, like The Simpsons -iconic status with me. I have been watching them since they were on the Ed Sullivan show. And I got a lifelong friend, Richard Hunt, from them who has since passed away. He became one of the best friends my family has ever had. And we all miss him every day." 2860.1

Most TPers seem to have gotten their driving licenses at age 20: 2862.1
I am 21 and only have a driver's permit.

"Which reminds me of a fun German story involving "Buersten" and "Bruesten" and how you shouldn't mix them up. Especially if you're a pure and clean and wholesome Mormon missionary." Quinn 2866.44

"Oh, what a chat
Early November back in 2003
What a very special time for me
As I remember, what a chat ... " David 2884.5

"The Muppet Treasure Island isn't an island, it's a discount department store run by Hilda, Wayne and Wanda. This week's specials are on paper towels, notebook filler paper, and women's large pantyhose. The blue plate item at the snack bar is cod with green beans." Guest 2884.5

November 3-4, 2003

"Joggy told us that we have to give our children the following names: Tommie and Ieniemienie. Ahem. No thank you. I was more thinking of more international names like "Beautiful Day Monster" or "Big Mamma." Thjis 2815.15

"It's funny that I was re-reading part of that "In Defense of Muppet Babies" and it got to the part that I wrote myself, and that's where the picture of Jim Henson was, and I thought "hunh--I didn't know Quinn had a full beard like that..."
Wow--I need a little more sleep. " Quinn 2818.38

"In related news, my grandpa used to trade in hazelnuts for Nutella (Ferrero)." Julian 2818.110

"Anyone with an unpronounceable name can feel free to refer to him or herself as "Thijs"." Danny 2828.6

"Due to my middle name, I will probably burn in hell." Patrick 2831.4

"My middle name is Anne." Martha 2831.17
Yay, mine too! I'm Elizabeth Anne, apparently one of America's most common names.

"Your last name should be something like "Lewis" so you could begin conversations with "Call me IshaMayL"" Kellie to Isha, 2831.67

"I'd never realized until now what a profoundly ugly man Marvin Suggs actually is." Kynan 2832.9

"I love to go to a museum or gallery and pick one picture and just sit there and stare at it. It can be abstract or realistic, impressionistic or postmodern-dada-doppelganger-cubist. It doesn’t matter. If you devote your attention totally to one painting, you see the world differently. You sort of become one with the painting, which can be messy. So don’t stand too close."

"I’ve never kicked anyone out of our band. We’re equal opportunity wackos."

"A fan once mistook me for Marilyn Manson. I guess we have a kind of similar complexion."

"I would love to have dinner with Michelangelo, preferably while he was living. And, of course we’d serve Italian food and eat off the ceiling."
all of the above from an interview with Kermit, posted by Mar, 2833.1

November 1-3, 2003

" 'How did Jackie get to be the sweetest person alive?'
She must have clubbed Isha and Michal to death with a broom handle." Kynan 2797.24
"Daniel means "judge," and anybody who knows me will see how appropriate that is for me." Danny 2798.1

"*Jazz hands of finally getting a gay man to woo me, after too many futile attempts.*
Michal 2798.72
"Here, for your entertainment and edification, are the forum stats for October. Strangely enough, Arnold Schwarzenegger did not place." Danny 2802.1
"If I ever procreate with someone good looking, I'd be birthing gods." Scott 2804.23
"Gillian calls people Crazy Harry all the time.
"Here's your juice sweetie" "Thanks Crazy Harry."" Scott 2806.3
"Also, I don't think I've ever seen a dog chase a cat in my life." Danny 2809.4
My dog Pepper used to chase the neighbor's cat Smokey, until they got bored, then Smokey would chase Pepper.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

October-November 2003

"In my world, Isha's happy ALL the time!" Cathy 2760.29

"let's get back to the erotic stuff and the Quinn puns." Jog 2768.16

"Everybody around here seems to have me confused with someone named Young Padawan. I wonder if Padawan, wherever she is, keeps getting called Michal." Michal 2768.50

"If I ever go fishing, I'm going to really annoy my companions, because I'll be scaring all the fish away by yelling like Ernie." Ryan R. 2769.34

"Your brother has a catchphrase that includes the word "Kermie" and you didn't know it was from the Muppets?" Kynan 2769.51

"What *I* can't believe is that Senor Wences didn't die until like 1999-2001 somewhere in there. When that came across the news, Melissa and I looked at each other like "hunh." In fact we may have come right out and SAID "hunh."
Because who knew he'd live to be 140?" Quinn 2769.96

"ANOTHER Scott's email discussion?!
*opens the door for aliens and Ed Sullivan* Come on in, guys. -sigh- " Jog 2772.10

"Here's some more clues.
17. One figure is made of jam.
18. One figure is entirely conceptual.
19. One figure will just sit around and complain.
20. One figure likes pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain.
21. One figure to rule them all.
22. One figure to find them.
23. One figure to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them."
Danny 2773.12

"One figure will know something you don't know.
Half a figure will be filled with milk.
All the figures will gyre and gimble in the wabe." Scott 2773.17

"One figure, two figure, red Figure, blue figure
One figure has a little car
One figure has a little star
What a lot of funny figures there are!"
Isha 2773.41

"Just wanted to out myself as a FellowCathyLover - that's all. :)" Julian 2779.1

Frequently asked stupid questions: 2787.1

Guest to Danny: "Well, that confirms my suspicion that Ed is a belligerent Krofft fan who probably beats you." 2788.27
Danny to Guest: "He is not a Krofft fan. He is a Degrassi High fan.
Everything else you said is true." 2788.28

"Eh, shaddap.
I'm the God of Purity and you know it.
Now make a Fisher Price figure of me" 2789.59 Byron

"Everything is about boogies when you're three." Scott 2793.22

"Many a midwestern frau" should be moved to the catchphrase thread, 'cause from now on I'm using it whenever I can." David S. 2796.10
Germanglish is the language I am best at.

"Art is not the object... it is the act of MAKING the object. Art *is* energy, man. It is love. It is life. Whoa. Be impressed." David S. 2796.167

Monday, May 15, 2006

Incredible Journey Thread

For my own future reference, my thread about this blog is 9403.1.
I know I haven't updated in forever, but I have school, and homework, and now a ton of people are coming to visit me. I will get back to it eventually.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Dr. Bunsen

Most of my classes this semester are held in the Seminar Deutsch als Fremdsprache building. The cool thing is that this used to be a science building, where Dr. Robert Bunsen worked. Since Dr. Bunsen Honeydew is named after Dr. Robert Bunsen, I consider this to be a worthy Muppet connection.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happy Birthday, Isha!

Today, May 11, is Isha's birthday! Happy birthday! Feliz Cumpleanos! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Monday, May 08, 2006

October 2003 Never Ending

"So I came into work today and Martha says "your GIRLFRIEND is in the magazine today" and I say "what the hell are you smoking today?" and she said "there was a Muppet in this magazine dumbass" and I said, yeah, was it Piggy again? and she said "no, it was some blonde with big lips" and I said "oh, that's not MY girlfriend, that's BYRON'S girlfriend" and she said "are you in a support group?" and I said "show me the damn picture." " Quinn 2718.1

"I think the use of testicles as currency is a bit extreme. I mean, I can honestly see giving one, but since I would never give both, that means one is all I have to spend. Which means unless it's something that would save the life of me, Melissa, or Miles (okay, or Byron) I'd do it.
Or if it was U2 tickets.
But anything else, no way.
Or a tall glass of Coke on a hot day, with the sunlight filtering redly down through the ice cubes and the hourglass shaped glass, condensation beading down the outside of the glass, soaking the coaster placed on the mahogany coffee table expressly for that purpose...
But NOTHING ELSE." Quinn 2721.44

"Why does no one care about Jack Elam?!?" Danny 2726.2
Jerry Nelson cares. Jack Elam was one of Jerry Nelson's heroes. And I'm not going to tell you how I know that on a public blog. Hee hee.

"We decided that child #2 is named "Ken."'s a name we would never EVER use, and we're just calling that child "Ken."
Child #3 is "Sheila."
If there is a child 4 (Melissa seems to think there will be, I think there won't be) it will be "Bubba."
Anyway, that's what's going down. If we can figure out how to make it all work, "Ken" will be coming to a theatre near you in Oct-Dec 2004." Quinn 2734.63

"On a purely personal note: my grandmother dated Ted Geisel when they were in high school. I have a dance card that has suspiciously Seussian doodles all over it. My great-grandmother didn't approve of him...told my grandmother that "he isn't going to amount to anything...all he likes to do is sit around and draw." (!!!) True story." Martha 2744.8

Adult Muppet Humor: 2758.1

Sunday, May 07, 2006

October 2003 Ever Onwards

Unseen Works of Jim: 2665.1

"My name sounds like somebody's dying. I love that." Jogchem 2671.7

"Dude, I know you're a boy. But "you go, Dutch male person" is just *that* much less catchy." Kynan to Jog 2671.27

"The first time I read that, I read "an orange Kermit for St. Patrick's Day," which would definitely be a unique marketing move. " Jess 2674.26


"The Muppet characters don't have a history or a past. They exist in an eternal present, and whatever is true right this minute is true. " Danny 2690.14 Wow, Muppet philosophy!

Earliest Muppet Wizard of Oz rumor: 2691.1

"I feel so dirty! That was my first "Delphi has determined that you've said something inappropriate" experience.
Bloody l o l l i p o p ban. I will smack someone like a bad bad donkey okey." Michal 2691.83

"Miss Mousey may not be a main character, but I'd kill farm animals to see her released as a figure." Scott 2694.11

Random catchphrases: 2706.1

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

October 2003 Still Continuing

"In the German dubbing, Sam's line (in German of course) is:
You are all perverts!
.. but see: it fits just as well!" Julian 2633.43

"Oh, I'm excited about everything, I'm like the Bean Bunny of the Muppet Fan world!"
Zach 2637.5

"A forum host's curse be upon you until you mend your wicked ways." Danny 2643.1

Wollt Ihr bumsen?" Julian 2646.58
"Yes. The answer is yes." Isha 2646.59
"you must be serious! :}
I'll leave you and Joggy alone in the bedroom for an hour!
*rushes out and lurks through window*" Julian 2646.60
"du brauchst nicht draußen bleiben, wenn du überwachen möchtest. ;)" Isha 2646.63

"I'm not sure whether I hate you or want to marry you. " Erik 2646.106
"Probably a strange mix of both. Sadly, that's the usual effect I have on men." Cathy 2646.109

"Julian's already there.He's claimed asylum from all the ravenous TP men.Don't worry though, soon I'll begin stealing small bits of his wardrobe and selling them on e-bay." Isha 2647.10
"Isha, I'm starting to wonder whether you were EVER a nice girl." Kynan 2647.11
"This is such a great idea! Whadda team we'll be!You be da brain and I be da underpants!!!" Julian 2647.13

"I have decided that you are a funny little thing.
In fact, I decree it. Let it be known through all the world that Michal is a Funny Little Thing." Kynan 2655.23

Anthony's Incredible Journey begins: 2657.2

"I swear, in the event of a nuclear war, all that will be left will be cockroaches and Bea Arthur!" Patrick 2663.1

Monday, May 01, 2006

October 2003 Continued

"La-la-la-la! La-la-la-la! Sco-ott's World!
La-la-la-la! La-la-la-la! Sco-ott's World!
Scott loves his lame puns His images too
*Giggles maniacally* Thaaaat's Sco-ott's world!" Michal 2602.6

"This thread doesn't hold the appeal it once did, now that we KNOW it's about missing nipples." Cathy 2613.34

"If I had been a girl, I would have been named Margaret. Margaret Beukema. What a world.
No word yet on what I would have been named if I was a boy." David 2621.32

">>Munsch's most favorite work is "I'll Love You Forever" Which featured the two year old covered in toilet paper on the cover.<<
Isn't that the book about the weird mother who stalks her son throughout his life?" Cathy 2625.21
"I just pulled this off his website:
"I made that up after my wife and I had two babies born dead. The song was my song to my dead babies. For a long time I had it in my head and I couldn't even sing it because every time I tried to sing it I cried. It was very strange having a song in my head that I couldn't sing."
That's terrible. I had no idea that was the backstory on this book. I'm going to hell now because I made fun of it, aren't I?" Cathy 2625.36

"Of course you're not crazy for saying you know me, because you do, in the sense of never having actually met me. " Ryan R 2627.14

"Before I saw the Muppet Hugging photos, I pictured myself as ruggedly good-looking.
Now I know better." Kynan 2631.33

"My best carded/proofing story is when the "In The Kitchen with Miss Piggy" celebrity cookbook came out and I wanted to make Kermit the Frog's Favorite Grasshopper Pie. The frog's recipe calls for two alcoholic beverages as ingredients. Who knew?
So, I got off work at 7AM and went directly to the liquor store on my way home. The lady at the register carded me alright, but she kept turning my ID upside down. As I was trying to explain to her that she needed to turn it around for it to match, she quizzed me as to what someone so young wanted with liquor that early in the morning for anyway. That's when I told her it was for a recipe by Kermit the Frog.
Somehow that was good enough for her." Travis 2631.81