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Friday, April 28, 2006

September 2003

Anthony's first post: 2433.21

"I pledge allegiance, to the RNC, of the Tough Pigs Muppet Fan Party; and to the Doll Wigglers, for which they stand, a bunch of fun-lovin freaks, under Frog, for Muppets and sex for all... (but not necessarily together)." Scott 2436.7

"I actually kind of respect what Julie Andrews started to do. Her first book was published under 'Julie Edwards'." David S 2437.68
I love The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles. And not just because I love Julie Andrews.

"I also want a Rembrandt folder, a Fungus folder, an Exploding Pants folder, a Kermit Toys With Hair folder, a Characters with No Eyeballs folder, and an I'm Not Hester, I Promise folder." Kynan 2439.11

"Sullivan is so bad I wasn't even thinking about how bad he was. He's so bad he's funny. So much so that you don't even laugh." Scott 2440.14

"My kneejerk reaction with Depp is "overrated," but then when I think about the movies he's done, I like most of them.
So I guess my kneejerk reaction is stupid." Quinn 2440.31
Actually "Depp" is kind of a mild German swear word for "idiot," in case you didn't know.

"I don't know what 'Götterdämmerung' is, but I really, really hope it's some sort of stage show with goats." David S 2440.77

"My friends and I still say, "I'm doing the ooga-chocka's"" Patrick 2458.17
"It's especially cool if you do it during somebody's wedding." Danny 2458.21
Uh-oh, I'd keep an eye on these guys, Cathy...

"I think putting lines through one's "Z"s and "7"s is a general European thing. That said, I cross the sevens because it makes them more legible. People who cross their "Z"s are just trying to be French, in my opinion." Michal 2459.26
In Germany, if I don't cross my "7"s they are mistaken for "1"s. And if I don't cross my "Z"s, people spell my name "Elisabeth" instead of "Elizabeth" on official documents. Even though "Elisabeth" is prettier, it isn't my name!

"I'm naming my next daughter Alice Braithwaith Goodyshoes Hanson." Scott 2459.50

Big Bird on the Ed Sullivan Show was performed by Danny Segreen. 2468.1

"I've been wanting to learn to quilt ever since I got the Muppets Quilting book, but I figure first, I should probably learn to sew. Baby steps." Cathy 2476.17
I, on the other hand, know how to quilt, but not how to applique, which is the method used on those squares in the book. I will make a Muppet quilt someday, even though finding materials in the right colors will be a pain. In the meantime I perfect my skills on other quilt projects.

"This proves what I've always suspected: Michael Caine was high the entire time they were filming Christmas Carol. He thought it was a sequel to Blame It On Rio. " Danny 2486.4

"The hokey pokey LIED to me." David S 2496.70

"By the way, at what point do the Tough Pigs Soap Opera posts just take over the entire board?
I can't keep track anymore of who's supposed to be having a mad fling with who. Whose legs are those?" Danny 2505.85


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