Tough Pig Incredible Journey

Sunday, April 30, 2006

September 2003 II

"If Marty [Robinson] can't get puppetry accepted as an art form, he's got a good shot at getting it accepted as a branch of the construction industry." Kynan 2512.2

Tough People at the Jim Henson statue dedication: 2520.1

"Excellent, you caught me just as I was preparing to spit in Isha's face. What a beautiful photo." Danny 2520.27

"I remember Frank Oz talking about how leaving the used car lot was quite an experience. Oz was performing Fozzie and driving the car himself, even though he couldn't see where he was going. I think people from off camera were yelling directions at him. " Erik 2520.49

"I stole "Frog Bless You" from Danny at the statue dedication right in front of him. He looked at me like he wanted royalties." Scott 2520.86

"This reminds me that I've still never seen a picture of you [David S.].
You are an enigma. " Danny 2522.40
David S. doesn't exist either...

"Wholesome Muppeteer crushes. Just like Grandma used to have -- now fortified with calcium and iron." Kynan 2523.14

"Remember a few years ago when a guy hijacked a radio station and demanded they repeatedly play "Rainbow Connection?" If you're not careful, you'll end up like that." Ryan R. 2525.25
"That was me." Scott 2525.26

"Rutabaga, rutabaga, ra ra ra!
Rutabaga, rutabaga, sis boom ba!" Michal 2525.45

First Tough Pigs duet, with Jog and Isha: 2536.1

*Irony alert*
Paul to Julian: "Please don't move to America! ;)" 2542.36

"My toys adore me. " Danny 2549.10


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