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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Playing with Translations (Sept 2003)

"The calculation of Barretta is a delicious square of muppet." Jackie 2513.3

"To the morning, are, we who we are and we are they, of which, like like very famous the electrical worker of the mutilation!" Kelly 2513.6

"Why it is the song of altretanta here in the rainbow?" Nate 2513.9

"I smack of will loves you a bad bad correct ass." Michal 2513.10

"We are here, that we are disowned, excess of the extension he." Nate 2513.14

"You dance your distant Obacht moved absentee, you who take him well-taken care of well-taken by from a other day. You dance to distant absentee your Obacht to the surface more under possible with the cliff of fraggle" Isha 2513.20

"Great city, hmm? Of the phase. Work, huh? But. Only people. People are people. Aucuns is the constructions. They are the tomatos, huh? If she is people, you to dance, it is music, he is potatoes. Because a person is person. AprovaĆ§Ć£0?" Emmy 2513.21

"It's excellent that "peoples is peoples" translates accurately no matter what. " Danny 2513.23


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