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Sunday, April 30, 2006

October 2003

I joined Muppet Central on October 1, 2003. This may not seem like a thing to be proud of, but it was a step which eventually led to excessive lurking at TP, and TP membership.
So at least from now on I have been an active online Muppet fan.

"You can call me Betty or Chevy Chase. Whatever works for you." Scott 2557.98

"I wish my name were "Boober." Or something boobage related." Quinn 2558.22

"Now I can sleep at night knowing that Frodo's body double and Diving Miss Piggy are the same guy. " Anthony 2565.2

Longest thread so far: New Muppet Hugging 2568.1 with 299 posts

"See, football, its name comes from the way you play it. Everyone lines up and looks at each other. Some guy blows a whistle or a horn or something. I can't remember. Then they all run at each other and push into each other until they all fall over. Then they keep doing it over and over again and nothing ever happens. They have to use feet to run at each other.
Get it? Football.
I'm not sure about any other sports. It's taken me three years to get a handle on football."
Anthony 2570.6

Scott's e-mail 2598.1


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