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Sunday, April 30, 2006

MC vs TP (Sept 2003)


What Tough Pigs say about this strange piece of miscommunication:

"It's the perfect MC thread.
What I love about it is that the other people are treating Ben like he's communicating normally."
Danny 2512.17

"Is this guy for real?
I really hope not. Someone that preliterate shouldn't have anything to do with the Internet.
Or maybe he's being an idiot for a particular reason?"
Sarah 2512.19

What Muppet Centralers say in retrospect about this bizarre nonsense:

"I was searching for past posts... Came across this thread. It's pretty cute." Ziffel

Tough Pigs have the last word:

"All of this goes to prove my eternal point that reading MC is not healthy for children or other living things." Danny 2512.57

"Like rhododendrons." Scott 2512.58

We are so superior in the sanity department.


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