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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Day Two (October 2001-January 2002)

So I didn't get very far yesterday, but if I had stayed any longer the security guard would've kicked me out. I've been thinking about this project, and I've decided it's a health thing. If I didn't do it, I'd be bored, and when I'm bored, I overeat. So, it's essential for my health that I do it. Right?

So why did Kynan comment "What would be *really* odd is if they listed the stars in reverse alphabetical order, but all the stars were named Zorn Zzhalvisson"? Find out in post 15.9!

And Danny considered advertising Tough Pigs with the description: "IT'S INFECTED! Everybody wash your hands." in 16.1. This is probably exactly the kind of thing he didn't want me to dig up, but I think it's hilarious.

The now infamous incident where Steve Whitmire showed up on the forum and got insulted for a puppeteering appearance, appears in

Another couple of amusing Danny quotes, the first of which is likely to draw the ire of the Grammarian Lady: "Two months ago, I couldn't even spell website, and now I is one. " Post 25.10.

"And a young man's Innocence is forever shattered.
In other words, it's just another Tuesday on the Tough Pigs Forum. " Post 31.23

Thread 35.1 does not exist. At least 70 messages were all deleted. Neither does thread 39.1, or 166.1. Curiouser and curiouser.

Many Muppet fan histories appear in 49.7, 51.31, and 56.1. I love these stories, they make me feel warm and fuzzy.

I found out that Frank Oz's voice is in Monsters, Inc in thread 76.1. I feel very bad for not knowing this before. I only saw that movie once, during a bus ride through Ireland, and I couldn't hear a word. Now I HAVE to see it properly.

Another Steve Whitmire post here:

"There seems to be some kind of weird Muppet-Germany energy going on in the world."

Earliest ever Tough Pigs mention of Bea Arthur: Post 121.2

"If you search for "Strega Nona Tomie dePaola," Tough Pigs comes up on the fourth page.
Of course, I'm not saying that anyone in their right mind WOULD search for that." 130.3

Scott states that "there's no sex in Europe" in 146.8. Luckily he was being sarcastic, because I have heard from a usually reliable source that my sister is having a steaming love affair with an opera singer in L├╝beck. And without sex, that would be a pure waste of time.

"I took two notebooks full of notes -- and I think if I posted it all, it would be so huge and complicated that it might actually become a sentient life form." 147.13 (rather like this post)

"People already look at me in a suspicious manner. I'm a Muppet fan." 147.14

I want to join the Club for Straight People Who Didn't Go to Muppetfest. (151.5) I have felt the need to for years, without being able to express it quite that way. I feel even more like that after reading all these threads about MuppetFest. (I read about MuppetFest before it happened on the main page at MC, but I still didn't get to go. That was when I first realized the possibilities of Muppet Online Fandom. It took a few years before I joined a forum, though.)

The Many Faces of Kynan had a showdown in thread 161.1, with amusing results.

Scott's e-mail was discussed for the first time in 162.1.

"I'm trying to use my awesome powers for good rather than evil.
No, wait. Not good. The other thing. Toys. " 171.71


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