Tough Pig Incredible Journey

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Day Twelve Still Continuing (June 2003)

"Do you ever envision that inevitable, terrifying future where Elmo has overtaken the world? Tickle-Me-Elmos and Chicken-Dancing-Elmos and Pray-To-Me-Elmos abound. Elmo's face hangs in every living room, and everyone owns a Little Furry Red Book.
And always, ALWAYS, speakers pump out the awe-inspiring Message: "Elmo loves you. Elmo loves you. Elmo loves you..."
Big Monster is watching you." Michal 1848.19

Book Club Number Two: 1855.1

"I will also accept love and affection instead of dollars." Alaina 1858.17

"The best shows have actors that dislike each other in real life." Jackie 1859.10
Kermit and Piggy dislike each other in real life?

"Makes me wonder...unsightly body hair is obviously not a problem for monsters. So what do monsters fret about when it comes to personal appearance? Unsightly bald patches? Shedding in public? Having eyebrows that don't actually grow together? Hmmmm." foamyG 1860.40

"Frank was afraid of roller coasters but Jim eventually persuaded him to go on Space Mountain. Jim rode in the front car, with Frank right behind him. As the coaster started, Jim turned around to a white-knuckled Frank and said in Ernie's voice, "Here we go, Bert!"" Travis 1861.5

"I posted the same thing on MC, I feel so duplicated." Warrick 1865.1

"Instead, we have Elvis shoved down our throats. Yuck. " Kevin 1870.19
Do I ever agree. I wonder if anyone still likes Elvis after living in Memphis for a while.

"Just wanted to add that these impending DVD releases provide several profound revelations:
1.) There is a God, and God is a frog. " The_Patty 1875.67

"You make it sound like we are going to be buying lots of cool new Muppety things and having lots of sex at the same time. " Alaina 1881.4


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