Tough Pig Incredible Journey

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Day Twelve Continued (May 2003)

"When you're a Pig,
You're a Pig all the way
From your first PVC.
To your last Palisades.
When you're a Pig,
If the polls hit the fan,
You got family around,
To say, "It's not so bad!"
You're never alone,
You're never disconnected!
You're home with your own:
When trolls are expected,
You're well protected!
Then you are set With the letters TP,
Which you'll never forget
Till they cart you away.
When you're a Pig,
You stay a Pig!
Oh, when the Pigs fall in at the Muppetfest dance,
We'll be the sweetest dressin' gang in pants!
And when other fans dig us with our Tough Pig smiles,
They're gonna flip, gonna flop, gonna drop just like flies!
When you're a Pig,
You're the hippest in town,
You're the Sesame Street kid
Wearing King Alan's crown!
When you're a Pig,
Nothin's better than this:
Little frog, you're a Robin;
Little Robin, you're Kermit!
The Pigs are in gear,
Our keyboards are clickin'!
The rest should steer clear
'Cause the other forum's full of lousy chickens!
Here come the Pigs
Like Animal's yell,
Someone ruins our party,
Someone don't feel so well!
Here come the Pigs:
Little minds, step aside!
Better go back to school,
Cause you're not worth our time!
We're drawin' the line,
So keep your typin' hidden!
We're hangin' a sign,
Says "Idiots forbidden"
And we ain't kiddin'!
Here come the Pigs,
Yeah! And we're growin' fast
Ev'ry day is more fun
Than all of the last!
On the whole!
Yeah!" Jessica 1792.9

"Warrick, sometimes your posts have an eerie, haiku-like beauty.
Don't ever change." Kynan 1794.15

"Quinn, I was so lucky I that got my first try [for an AOL screenname], 'WozzaFraggle' !" Warrick 1798.7
"*stares blankly* Did you really think WozzaFraggle would be taken? *blinks*" Mar 1798.8

"Hopefully we'll all still be friends years from now when you're all incredibly wealthy and you can pay me to loaf around making toys and babies. " Quinn 1805.17
Well, he got part of it right, anyway...

Weird letter to Danny: 1808.1

"As a kid, I always thought Linda was the coolest. I mean, sign language! Woah!" Isha 1822.13
As a hard-of-hearing kid, Linda was the center of the universe. The only person I could really relate to. And she still is, even if she's not on SS anymore.

"The most definitive thing you can say about Cookie's parents is that they probably got crumbs in the bed. " Smig 1840.6


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