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Friday, April 07, 2006

Day Three Still Continuing (April 2002)

"So Brian Henson thinks that I'm a crazy person. Is he right?" 427.1 Danny

"If it weren't for us crazy people, The Henson Co. would be out of business!" 427.3 Smig

"As Muppet fans, are we naturally weird, or does our weirdness come from being Muppet fans?" 427.9 Emmy

"Or is our weirdness thrust upon us by an uncaring world?" 427.10 Danny

"I've often wondered if Muppet fan weirdness is a result of Mahna Mah-nature, or Mahna Mah-nurture. " 427.16 Ryan R

"Hey, y'know what would be neat on the site? If every time you rolled your mouse over a picture of Kermit, it winked at you, and then did a five minute tap dance. " 435.6 Danny

"I blame it on the jungle animal sandwiches which just seem to be my downfall this week." 439.10 Jessica

"For months Gillian said Kee-Kee for Kermit, which sounded a lot like the way she would say Cookie (for Old Googly Eyes), but I always knew exactly to whom she referred." 446.12 Scott

"Is it just me, or has anyone else spent hours making Oatmeal Art?" 448.8 Scott

"Tough Pigs helps me get the milk out of my nose. " 456.16 Mark

"I vote we become international super-spies. Who's with me? " 456.22 Danny

note to self: start tomorrow at thread 467. Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!


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