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Friday, April 07, 2006

Day three (January- February 2002)

I'm really not happy about how it's not letting me edit posts. I will just have to keep creating new posts, even though I hate coming up with the titles for them. I don't feel creative enough to make them interesting (obviously). But I am correcting spelling in some of the quotes posted here, for the benefit of the Grammarian Lady.

"Gosh, I'm like the Sims sex advice columnist. " 217.54

There were some really sweet columns in which Scott discussed Gillian as a fourteen-month-old.

Jane Henson faces off with Wilkins and Wontkins- and wins- in 223.7. Go Jane!

"Ugly creatures demanding love from me...
Why is this reminding me of my early dating experiences?" 228.18

"The PEDIGREE Fraggles all look like they've been through electroshock therapy." 228.28

The in-depth discussion of Muppets in the Blues Brothers at 257.1 rocks my world.

I have to convince my art history professor to let me do this: "A paper on Muppets and post-modernism is a great idea." 260.21

"I went to see Labyrinth in the theatre when it first came out. I guess I was about 8 back then. Since then I was hooked on the Muppets and Bowie's pants. " 270.9

"Ah, Ebay, that whimsical goddess. She giveth Muppet toys and taketh all my money." 273.1

"I'm not sure where I am. It seems like New Jersey, only edible."274.12

"By the way, did you know there's a newsgroup called alt.recovery.disease.muppet-crotch?" 280.15 (This is the earliest thread about odd Delphi forums.)

"To me, the Superbowl has always sounded like a prop from a Swedish Chef sketch. A giant piece of tableware with powers beyond mortal dinnerplates, and with a napkin for a cape. " 281.6

Random Muppet Things That Make Us Happy: 292.1

"A chicken once sat on my shoulder, and let loose some explosive Bernadette Peters." 294.6

Danny, do you still have any copies of MuppetFest Memories Zine left? (asks she sheepishly yet hopefully) 311.32

Earliest Rock band name thread: 317.1

Followed by the first practice of the Vendaface band: 331.1


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