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Friday, April 07, 2006

Day Three Continued (February-April 2002)

Some of the comments that refused to show up yesterday mysteriously appeared today, and are posted therefore twice. What the hey. I blame it on Vendaface.

"There's a difference between aspirin and ecsta--
No wonder my Saturday night sucked.
...but my headache is gone." 349.8

"May the road rise to meet you, may the wind always be at your back, and may Grover always sit in your lap." 352.11

'"Lola Falana" honestly sounds like the Latin name for somebody's private parts.' 360.52

Delphi Forums warn that the sky is falling in 361.1. Is this the end for Tough Pigs? I'll just have to keep reading.

"I am a terrible god. I think I need more practice. " 368.1

"Bomb the crickets! With their stupid hats and canes and constant wishing on stars..." 370.5

"Give me Pops or give me death." 372.4

"I'd give up oxygen to see more Muppets" 382.2

Info I didn't know about Muppeteer cameos (except for Steve, obviously): 390.2

The answer to what we have all been asking ourselves: Who is Nigel Lythgoe? 392.20

"Dave Goelz is a Sesame Street Project." 393.5

"Some people believe that Muppeteers were the result of millions of years of evolution. This is, in part, supported by the fossil record, where the ancient remains of ventriloquists and running gags that somewhat resemble Muppeteers have been identified. However, there are others who believe that Muppeteers were created for a specific purpose by a supreme being. The details of this creation story are unclear after being passed down from generation to generation, although I believe that there is a "magic triangle" involved. One breath-taking musical rendition of this story includes a very moving two-minute tambourine solo. " 393.15
This post gave me deja vu.

"I suppose everyone ought to be able to have their own beliefs about Muppeteer origins. Whatever brings you inner peace and makes you one with the universe they formed.
Personally, I think it started with a moldy cheese sandwich.
It just makes sense. " 393.16

"The story also involves a Neanderthal man putting his hand into a paleoithic green winter loincloth. And there are some prehistoric Ping Pong balls in there too. " 393.18

As some Tough Pigs discuss Miss Piggy as a gay icon, Jackie and Jog make wedding plans to rival that of the hunchback of Notre Dame in the Debbie Harry episode of TMS.
"Yes Joggy...despite your incloreness I will marry you. Get out the neon green tux :) " 408.14

Ever have an insatiable urge to read a book which describes Jim Henson's memorial service? Check out What a Way to Go: Fabulous Funerals of the Famous and Infamous. 410.1

'Elton John could not stop laughing during [the taping of "Breaking My Heart"] and they had to stop a bunch of times, until Miss Piggy (Frank Oz) said "I can't work with amateurs, I'm leaving!"' 422.1


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