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Monday, April 17, 2006

Day Thirteen Still Continuing (June- July 2003)

"I prefer the Danny touch.
That just came out wrong. I'm sure someone really DOES prefer the Danny TOUCH, but I just like how you write." Quinn 1982.10

"We're all insecure, and we all mask our insecurities by acting tough. That's one of the reasons why Piggy is my hero.
Piggy goes for what she wants. When she's faced with a limitation, Piggy creates a new imaginary world in which the limitation doesn't exist -- and then makes that world funnier and better than the real world, so we're seduced into joining her there.
And she doesn't just do it in the fictional world of The Muppet Show, she did it in the real world. She created a world in which she was a glamorous movie star -- and within just a couple years, she actually made that happen. She really was on magazine covers, she really was applauded by millions. And she didn't do it by punching everyone in the face. She did it by being funny and amazing." Danny 1992.52

"Should we start a thread about unsupportive parents of Muppet fans?" Nate 1997.20
Count me in on that discussion... my mom really enjoys the Muppets herself, but my dad barely tolerates it. If my mom weren't there, he would probably forbid me to watch it, like Julian's dad. As it is, he doesn't say anything to me, but takes it out on my mom. We try to wait until he's out of the house before we watch the movies. Still, he knows about my Muppet collection and hasn't thrown it out or anything. Thank the Frog.

"Isn't it sad what happened to Digit in the latest Star Trek movie?" Tom 2005.12

The Muppets love liberty: 2010.21

Differences between Denmark and the Netherlands
-Denmark is Scandinavia, the Netherlands Benelux (Belgium and Luxembourg).
-Danish people joke about Swedes and Fins, we joke about Belgians and Germans.
-Danish girls are pretty, we have transsexual hookers in the red light district.
-Denmark is proud to have Hans Christian Andersen, we have Johan Cruijff.
-Danish people never get mistaken for Dutch, Dutch always get mistaken for Danish.
-The have Danish pastries, we have stroopwafels.
-We have a larger population of Muppet fans.
Julia 2011.11

"My favorite part of the show: the host calling you [Quinn] "a nut". " Jessica 2012.15
"I think that's my favorite part too. " Quinn 2012.16
"The host called you a nut? What did she say?" Danny 2012.19
"[She said] 'You are a nut.' " Jackie 2012.20

"Great, just great.
Not only can I not attend the picnic, but now I'll be made fun of in Puppet form.
Guess there's a first time for everything." Nate 2019.5

"Cripes, with all these new DVDs coming out, it's like I'm living in an alternate universe. " Scott 2033.5

"Dead Ed [Sullivan] looks like he's sneaking up on Kermit and Piggy to kill them. It really is a creepy picture." Dan 2033.50

"My personal theory is that Columbia-Tristar Home Video is run by a pack of trained seals. It's the only thing that makes sense. " Danny 2033.68


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