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Monday, April 17, 2006

Day Thirteen (June 2003)

"What about a dart board with Muppephones who wail out a tone when you hit them?"
"I told the witch doctor..." Scott 1884.19

"I thought Muppaphone was the name of the instrument, like xylophone.
So if I kidnapped you and your family and tied you down to an instrument, I could call it "the Roephone," but once you got free, I bet you'd be pissed if anyone thought that was your real name.
Not that I'm planning to do that. I'm not. If it happens, it'll be on the spur of the moment. " Danny 1892.8

Hester: 1893.27

"Down in a bog
Kermit the Frog
Sat on a log
Wrote up a blog
On how funny that hog
looked trying to jog
Then out of the fog
came that very hog
Who pounded him into sog
and fed the remains to her little dog." Smig 1901.5

"Kermit the Forg
Was stepped on by a Gorg
And you can find him at" Michal 1901.7

"By the way, I am completely aware that when I say "I had to buy them" that there is no "had" about it, except in the most abstract sense of "The demon that lives in my head and makes me buy Muppet toys would be very upset." Danny 1907.12

"Well at the moment I am the Geekiest, I'm actually kind of enjoying it, even if it is only by .1%." Alaina 1921.8

"I just remembered that Tuesday is Geek Day!
(Aaaaaaand here's the long story on Geek Day: Two years ago I sent a fan letter to Dave Goelz. In an attempt to make my letter a little different, I included a list of really stupid questions. One of the questions being "If you could invent a holiday, what yould it be, and what would it celebrate?" He answered "Geek Day", which is a find sounding holiday to me. So I decided to make June 17 Geek Day. Just because I like doing weird things like that)" Emmy 1921.29


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