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Friday, April 14, 2006

Day Ten (April 2003)

"And btw: are there H&M stores in the US?" Julian 1565.32
Yes, but not commonly. I've only seen one, in Chicago.

"I've had the picture of the Fiery with Karen Prell's head sticking out of the bottom of it for 3 years. Apparently, they thought that's what I actually looked like." Tom 1565.71

Barry Lee's first post: 1569.1

"And now it's time to be chased by an elephant." Smig 1578.7

"Isn't Bob like a sex icon in Japan?" Jackie 1580.8

"I always liked Bob, he was warm and familiar, like that old fuzzy blanket you've dragged around since birth." 'Isha 1580.16

Muppet dreams: 1582.21

Woth: 1586.1

"If Danny Weren't Gay" sounds like a Sesame Street song to me. " Danny 1593.11

"*picturing Warrick at a Bea Arthur concert*
Yep, that sounds about right." Jessica 1605.88

"Was I yelling? I guess sometimes I can't tell when I'm yelling.
That explains a lot, actually. " Danny 1609.4

"You know, Boober is *such* a stereotype of people who worry a lot, cook, and like to do laundry.
And Sal is such a stereotype of pushy bodyguard monkeys.
Stereotype or personality: you decide!" Emmy 1610.50

"I am never nude for the chats. In fact, just to be a brat, I dress in a snowsuit, complete with hat, scarf, and mittens. Although the mittens make it hard to type so I usually relent on that part. "
Jessica 1612.11

"I figure if they keep coming out with these things, and I keep getting them, eventually every flat surface in my apartment will have a Muppet standing on it, not to mention the space the playsets take up.
Then I'll have to start getting rid of books to put them on bookshelves, and when those fill up, I'll have to clear out the contents of my refrigerator, medicine cabinet, pantry, etc. Having no food, cleaning supplies or toiletry items will be difficult, but it's worth it" Ryan R 1614.6


  • There are a couple of H&M stores in Massachusetts, to my knowledge. Not that you really care. I just want you to know that someone is reading and enjoying this blog. ;)

    By Blogger Martha, at 6:36 PM  

  • Thanks, Martha!

    By Blogger BethE, at 12:02 PM  

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