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Monday, April 10, 2006

Day Six Still Continuing (December 2002- January 2003)

"Jes, you keep talking about my Delphi membership as if it's a medical condition I was born with. Anyone can get a Delphi membership; all they need is twenty dollars and a dream."
Danny 1206.21

First Quinn post that I noticed: 1297.12 "Can you dig it?" (excepting posts in threads that Anthony dug up and were obviously written later)

"I hesitate to explain the secrets of the word filter in too much detail. It will lead to experimentation, and may be a gateway to harder drugs." 1207.37 Danny

"Dude. When did you get here?" Carolyn, to Quinn (interestingly enough STILL unread) 1220.5

The women's underwear poll 1230.1 has 111 posts, while the men's underwear poll 1229.1 has 14 posts. Not that I'm counting.

"Judge ye not a book by its cover; neither shalt thou judge an M&M by the color of its candied shell, for the milk chocolate interior containeth the same sweet flavor regardless. Judge ye not also a woman by the cut or hue of her garments, but keep ye a close eye on any guy in khakis in the middle of April." Kynan 1230.20

"Man, no matter how we word it, we're all thinking the same thing on this board; and it's all about SEX." Scott 1230.51

"Whining is always helpful." Danny 1232.4

"I usually like my foreign films to be French or German in origin." Scott 1234.13
Yay Scott! Have you seen Good-bye, Lenin? I love it!

Now I know why Danny was worried about having his birthday mixed up. Way to make everyone congratulate you all year 'round. 1243.30

"But if anybody wanted to donate Muppet underwear for some nefarious reason, I'd be happy to be a pawn in your little scheme. Kind of like money laundering, but with underwear. It's underwear laundering. " Danny 1256.29

"I found one that complained that Elmo's World: Wild Wild West had country-sounding songs in it. You have to wonder what the person was thinking a Wild Wild West video would be like." Danny 1275.9


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