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Monday, April 10, 2006

Day Six (November -December 2002)

"I urgently propose a five-tiered Muppet Levels Of Excitement system for those of us who vibrate on a daily basis.
"I am a Muppet fan, therefore I vibrate" pretty much sums it up. Everything else is over and above. " Kynan 1026.3

"Wait! Hyper? Hyper?!! Moi? I never get hyper, Danny what are you talking about?!?! You think I can just ramble on, and on, and on, about nothing!?!! And I do not read Ladies Home Journal!...Better Homes and Gardens is another story...Just kidding.
Zach (Rowlf the, Wait! Cute! I am not cute! Who do you think I am?? Bean Bunny? Elmo?! Miss Piggy?!?! No! Well, I am cute with my Rowlf hat on...but that's it! Dog)." Zach 1026.7

"Oh gosh...Something about Piggy's legs makes me feel all tingly and weird inside..."
Kynan 1037.6

"I'm very impressed by anyone who can cage dance and type at the same time. I'd be even more impressed if you could also whistle Dixie." Ryan R. 1037.42

Tom Weldon co-wrote Hey Cinderella! while his son Joss Weldon wrote Buffy. Ryan R 1059.1

"How cool would it be to have a Little Bird Kubrick that couldn't be seen with the naked eye?
Think of the storage space you'd save if all your Muppet toys were the size of subatomic particles. " Kynan 1065.4

"I got one hit on TP from someone searching on Yahoo for "shoot pigs in the face"... I have no idea what they were looking for, but I can't imagine they found it on TP... " Danny 1070.1

"A thing of Beaker is a joy forever.. " Smig 1074.1

"Not that I'm going to be the one to do it, but I'm surprised no one yet has made an immature joke on the subject "THE BUSTS ARE OUT." Not that I'm going to be the one." Ryan R. 1074.9

"Thanksgiving Haiku:
So full of turkey
Loosen your belt, wave your legs
Please pass the Pepto." David 1075.3

"Peace on earth, and death to space ladies!" Danny 1078.1

"Kermit is also getting a spiffy new balloon for the parade, after the old one's elbow exploded, leaving him floating down the streets of New York City with a shriveled arm. " Smig 1079.1
You either eat something, throw penguins in the air, or blow something up...

"Brand new Muppet movie: $10,000,000.
Brand new tape: $1.00
Brand new Muppet fan chatter: priceless" Emmy 1083.40

Reading about A Very Merry Muppet Movie does NOT make me want to watch it again. Just call me Scrooge. I assume the movie might be more amusing if I ever watched Moulin Rougue, but I refuse to. I tried once and couldn't get through it. So there.

Santa's first appearance on the forum inspired Danny to comment:
"Yoicks. I could do with an explanation, if there is one." 1088.2

"I like to think that the Muppet writers never write a new project before deciding how easy it will for us to come up with an acronym. Apparently this time they just didn't care. Jerks. "
Ryan R. 1092.5

"But what's up with getting offended at God played by a woman?" Ryan R 1096.18
Exactly. MY church refers to God as "Father-Mother God." *grins smugly* (Not that I want to start a discussion on religion, because my church can be extremely goofy and hard to explain. I just had to comment on that anyway.)

"Actually, who am I to say anything about acronyms. I created a website whose initials are TP."
Danny 1096.21

My favorite misspelling so far...
"Actually it's not that monet exactly, it was just after that..." 1096.23 Matt
There was a Monet after Monet? I have to ask my art history professor about this.

Michal's first post (and don't you tell me it wasn't actually your first post, because you signed it "First-time Poster." LOL.) 1096.40

What Fozzie should have said in VMX: 1099.1

"What's wrong with soap operas?
Or, as you might put it, what's wrong with sope oprahs?" Danny 1116.14
(funny discussion on Zach's spelling)

Cute letter to Danny: 1124.1 (posted by Danny)


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