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Monday, April 10, 2006

Day Six Continued (December 2002)

"Elmo Season.. For some reason I keep thinking of Elmer Fudd with a shotgun... " Smig 1126.9

"Valuable lesson for the day:
Do not read "My Week with Christmas Vacation" in a university computer lab, unless you *want* to get warning looks from the lab monitor.
(note: I'm not sure whether it was actually a warning look or if the monitor was trying to figure out if I was having some kind of fit) " Jess 1131.7

"When you watch the special, it's impossible to imagine Robert Downey Jr marrying anyone, or having any kind of normal human connection at all.
One of the many weird moments that didn't get mentioned is that at the end, while Stockard and Leslie are dancing, Robert walks up to them and says, "May I cut in?" Stockard flutters her eyes, and says, "Oh, Meester Weelowbi, it would be a play-sure," and then Robert grabs both Stockard *and* Leslie and dances off-screen with them both. Make of that what you will. "
Danny 1131.25

"Aww man, more corporate babble.. and here I thought you were going to provide me a link to cheap Muppet underpants. " Isha 1135.8

"Hey, turns out that having Kermit mention "Muppet fan sites" in VMX actually inspired people to go and look for Muppet fan sites. " Danny 1146.1

"Nup. Not even Gonzo and Kermit (in his reporter's outfit, no less) can make me care about baseball contract negotiation." Kynan 1148.4
(This thread also contains a short revival of the Vendaface band)

"Tough Pigs: Muppet Fans with Bad Attitudes... unless we're naked (or our Muppeteers are) which seems to cheer us up plenty."
Hey, do you suppose they've ever filmed a project completely in the buff? No one'd ever know! Maybe they all just wore socks." Scott 1149.20

"I've been hoping for years that the Muppet fan community could be a real grown-up fan community where we all sleep with each other and then gossip about it, just like all the other kinds of fans get to do. " Danny 1149.69 (This thread goes on for 171 posts. Some funny stuff.)

"Jackie, you're worried about being weird?" Scott 1158.22

"The moral of the story is, get a bunch of adult Muppet fans steamed up with sexy talk, and you get free pictures." Scott 1158.40

"These are the new months on the Emmy and Jackie calendar..
Billanuary, Billebruary, Billarch, Billpril, Billay, Billune, Billuly, Billugust, Billeptember, Billovember, Billecember. " Jackie 1158.48

"My son will be Julian. You will see. " Isha 1169.21

"You did it, you finally did it, damn you all to hell!
You created Muppet merchandise that even I wouldn't buy!" Danny 1171.3

"I'm praying for Disney right now. I know Disney is problematic, but the alternatives seem worse... " Danny 1175.2 Little did he know...

Muppet Homecoming King Poll 1176.1
(with Julian's first post 1176.52)

"Okay, whoever does the licensing at Henson should be taken out and shot." Marion 177.4

Eggnog poll 1178.1 Scott, boiled custard is very, very good, okay.

"Before now, I never really realized just how complex each of these characters [of the Electric Mayhem] were. It's insane isn't it? For the past couple days, I've been breaking each character down in my head, peeling away layers, trying to decipher which of them best fits the "coolest" mold and I'm left defeated...or I'm too cool to acknowledge one's misgivings in direct relation to another's superiority because those levels of seperation do not exist between the characters. They're just THAT cool.
I think I just had a spiritual moment." Scott 1182.12

" 'that'll break your heart and make you angry'
Why pay 10 bucks for that when I can just visit my family?" Kynan 1190.3
We must be distantly related...

"I just wish one or more of the old Henson crew would get together and put out a big, thick , book of all those funny behind-the scenes stories/ancedotes/pranks thay've done through the years.. " Smig 1194.27 We just had this exact same conversation about two weeks ago.

"I think the Welsh are sexy." Scott 1200.31 That's another language I want to learn, actually.

"Telly is rapidly becoming my Desert Island Muppet." Kynan 1201.7


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