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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Day Seven (January 2003)

So I took most of today off from reading, with very happy results. If anyone is bored enough to wonder, it's all in my normal blog, But now I'm back, and I feel much better.

"It's not like I'm living alone in my parents basement wearing Spock Ears or something. " Nate 1277.7

"My life is an open book.
Nobody is *reading* it maybe, but never the less... " Scott 1277.17

"It's a proven fact that Muppet fans are smarter, funnier, better looking and all-around more interesting than any other kind of fans in the world except maybe for Hello Kitty fans. " Danny 1277.25

"I talk to my Igel Kermit puppet. And when he doesn't talk back, I talk to the imaginary camera crew who came to shoot a documentary about my love for Muppets. " Jog 1277.32

"'If you've never heard his classic "Chelli from Big Bag gets drunk and sexually harasses Bag" routine, then, baby, you haven't lived.'
Even *I* didn't know I'd done this routine. Does that mean I haven't lived?" Kynan 1281.19

"I feel like I've already seen enough of Kermit talking about porn. I'd rather see Kermit talk about heroin. " Ryan R 1284.7

"Yes kids, beer tastes like candy in Germany!" Scott 1288.13
If it did, I would have a drinking problem, okay. As it is, I just have a candy problem.

"German McDonalds food is Soooo much better than US McD's. And you guys have those nifty edible sundae cups!" Isha 1289.8 What on earth are you talking about? Explain, please!

"My computer talks exactly the same language as me.
That's why we never get anything done." Kynan 1300.17

"Hey, why stop now? You know, it might be cool if you made a post in every single bloomin' thread, singling out an odd phrase and saying that it would make an excellent name for a rock band. Or, it might not be cool. " Ryan R. 1300.29
"It Might Not Be Cool would be a really bad name for a rock band. " Carolyn 1300.30
"Actually I was hoping someone would point out that Every Single Bloomin' Thread would make an excellent name for a rock band. " Ryan R. 1300.32

"Some day I hope that they can translate press releases into English." Emmy 1312.2

"I google myself constantly." Danny 1315.7
"You do this in private of course?" Scott 1315.8
"If not, I'm calling the cops." Ryan 1315.9


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