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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Day Nine Still Continuing (April 2003)

"I'm often surprised to discover that my head doesn't actually come off. " Tom 1536.53

"It's like when I went to buy the materials to make my own Mahna Mahna puppet, and I'm at Hancock's with fuscia colored fleece and a bright orange feather boa (for the hair) and the woman in line in front of me says, "I'm so glad when I see a guy accessorizing!"
I still have NO idea what that meant. " Kevin 1536.60

"See, Isha, that's what I like about you. You are truly the perfect woman. " Anthony 1539.62

"By the way, my favorite curse word in this [Gilda Radner] episode: "potatoes!"" Scott 1541.1

"Grover: I learned so many interesting things in so many places. I went to Central America and learned how to make bricks. I learned how to do a Mongolian bowl dance — you place a bowl on your head and you do a nifty little dance. The most interesting thing I learned was, despite how different we all are, no matter where you go, people are people — unless they happen to be monsters. " 1545.1

Word of the day thread: 1556.1

"Why does German sound so nifty though unintelligible?" Sarah 1556.33

"My dad's favorite German word is 'Ausfahrt' (exit) because he has a terribly jouvinile sense of humor." Isha 1556.48
My high school German teacher went on a bus tour through Germany, and one of the Americans on the tour, who didn't speak German, saw all the Ausfahrt signs, which marked exits off the highway, and said, "My, there are a lot of towns named Ausfahrt here!" This is my favorite stupid American story.


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