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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Day Nine (February- March 2003)

"How many two-year-olds do you know that know all the words to "Waiting At the Church" and "Don't Dilly Dally On the Way" and have Peter Sellers and Bernadette Peters as their idols?" Scott 1371.28 I think Gillian is my idol.

"Watch out for people who have like sixteen different names for God. That is always a warning sign. " Danny 1371.31

"Silly boy, you do have some women powers!" Nate 1371.41

"So check it out, I made another Muppet fan. One more point for me. " Danny 1376.1

"I want a Gonzo bikini with exploding socks to match." Sarah 1377.43

"I have never in my life understood the difference between Britain, Great Britain, the UK and just plain old Mother England. Please don't bother trying to explain, though. It will only call unwanted US attention to yourselves at a time when Bush is bombing everything that moves, everything that once moved, and many things that aren't moving at the moment, and we can't prove ever did move, but might possibly one day think about moving, so it's better to be safe. "
Kynan 1387.44

I refuse to comment, but everyone seemed to enjoy this thread. 1390.1
But my belief for the popularity of Ernie and Bert in Germany is that whoever makes the merchandise is lazy, and only makes E&B merchandise. For example, every single one of the Sesamstrasse CDs has Ernie and Bert on the cover. So E&B are popular by default, because they are the only SS characters with merchandise.

"But when I buy Girl Scout cookies, you can bet I'm going to eat them." Ryan R 1399.11
*mouth waters*

Alaina's first post: 1415.23

Kellie's first post: 1415.25

"These action figures need to come with instructions. " Danny 1426.10

"Bambaloo is the sex scene that was edited from the Jungle Book. " Smig 1435.5


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