Tough Pig Incredible Journey

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Day Nine Continued (March- April 2003)

"I love my life, if only for the sheer uniqueness of the things I read in on-line forums."
John 1440.4

"Why don't they just capture Muppet fans in big nets, turn us upside down and shake all the change out of our pockets? Then at least they could tag us and return us to the wild in some humane way. " Danny 1442.1

"Actually, "Foam Head" is a pretty good description of Muppet fans. " Danny 1454.3

"Foam Heads... yeah, I like it. A name with a good ring to it, and just strange enough to confuse outsiders. " Ryan R 1454.7

"There're also some great shots of ... Alice Cooper with his family at the premiere of Muppets From Space. Good to know that after all these years, he's still supporting the Muppets!"
Scott 1456.8 He has a FAMILY? Eek!

"On another note, "Tough Pigs" in Dutch is "taaie varkens". " Jog 1457.2

"Every man should measure themselves up to where they are in relation to Big Bird's standard for Ultimate Mate." Scott 1468.3

"Every Hot Topic I've gone into has been too "cool" to carry the Muppet stuff. And you can just forget about the Labyrinth T-shirts. " Tom 1475.19 And I nearly got killed riding my bike to Hot Topics to look for Labyrinth doorknockers, and they didn't have them! Grrr.

"So, I was watching TV with my siblings (ages 11 and 13) and this comercial came on with this actress (I forget her name) throwing a hissy fit. My sister says "She sounds like Miss Piggy." Brother says "Is she Miss Piggy?" I said, "No! Miss Piggy is a man." The reaction I got, you would have thought I told them boils were going to start springing up on thier faces. They literally began screaming in horror, and ended up writhing on the floor and twitching. (We're a little bit over dramatic in my family.) My sister then went flying down the hall screaming "Miss Piggy is a man!" After they had quieted down (and I had stopped laughing) I told them "Miss Piggy is Yoda, and Grover." This prompted a reaction of "Really? No way! That's so cool." "
Isha 1488.1

"Well I do have nightmares about some weird stuff.
It's not like I'm the universal model of sanity here." Emmy 1496.7

"My dream Sesame Pez is Oscar the Grouch Pez, which takes candy *away* from you. "
Danny 1499.2

"Are we sure it's spelled "Grundgetta?" I always thought it was "Grungetta." Of course, it's a matter of grave importance. " Ryan R 1507.7

"I think there's more to this than meets the eye. Maybe Oscar has two girlfriends. "
Danny 1507.13

"That's a first for me..Yaaay: noo tipos! ;D" Ryan 1525.15


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