Tough Pig Incredible Journey

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Day Fourteen (July 2003)

"23) How did you get into the Muppets?
I didn't, the Muppets got into me.
24) What is the pinnacle of your life as a fanatic?
I'm livin' it, baby.
25) How did you find out about Tough Pigs?
It came to me in a horrible dream." Danny 2040.15

"Last night I had a dream that I had a PET King Prawn, which looked quite a bit like Pepe, because I don't know what the actual shellfish looks like...and my pet King Prawn ate a tarantula that was threatening my little family. And we were very pleased with our pet King Prawn.
And then I woke up thinking "what the hell was THAT?" " Quinn 2044.6

"Actually, when I saw Caroll Spinney and Oscar the Grouch in May, there was a couple of obnoxious kids in the group sitting on the floor in front of the podium where Caroll was speaking. Two of them in particular would not shut up. And their mother did nothing about it. They got even worse during the question & answering session when Caroll brought Oscar out.
One kid kept shouting out question after question and would not sit down. Finally Oscar leaned over the podium and snapped at him, "YOU'VE HAD YOUR TURN!!" But Caroll didn't flinch. He just kind of smiled as he continued on, saying "He can do that. He's a grouch."
The look on the then silent kid's face was priceless." Travis 2047.6

"I hope you're keeping a full list of aliases she's used all over the place. It might be fun to someday write up The History of Hester." Scott 2074.3

"Patrick said I was harsh. You aren't an evil vixon temptress.
Just a temptress. ;) " Nate to Cathy 2077.52

"I saw the sequel in Spanish, and it confused the hell out of me (actually, so did Spanish)..." Emmy 2083.6


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