Tough Pig Incredible Journey

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Day Fourteen Continued (July 2003)

"Isn't Martin Luther King on the list? I don't really see him as a "pop culture" icon. I mean, I love his movies, but his later albums weren't very good." Ryan R 2095.22

"I look darn cute.
And a little bit crazy. " Quinn 1096.1

"Hello everybody! I am your non-blue and not furry pal Patrick..." Patrick 2097.29

"I could change back to the Fake Names Club at any moment. I'm considering posting as "Natalie."" Ryan R 2100.8

"Welcome welcome welcome to the Big Blue Cult!" Danny 2012.60

"If babies start falling out of me, you better call Guiness. " Nate 2109.22

"I was just having dinner at an old couples house in Heidelberg and for dessert we were having canned pears with ice cream and syrup on them...sort of like a banana split but with pears...or "Birnen." So I was trying to be a polite good boy and was going on and on about how I'd never had "Dirnen" with ice cream, and how good the "Dirnen" were, and the whole time they were trying so hard not to laugh that eventually the old lady started crying. I thought I was just being my charming self, but no.
Turns out "Birnen" = "Pears" "Dirnen" = "Whores"
Yeah. So it was emotional pain, not physical pain, but it pained me nonetheless." Quinn 2114.19

"Oh yeah. I remember now. I date fruits." Nate 2119.16

"Go Muppet fan! You great big loser, you." Kynan 2126.1

First Tough Pig Fest: 2127.1 (pictures here:

Danny describing the first Tough Pig Fest: "It was lovely. It was a poem. I'll describe what I can remember, with the understanding that some of it might be made up. " 2127.10

"Hee hee you guys are so cool. And by cool I mean really goofy looking. " Isha 2127.39

"Hell, I don't care if you are straight, gay, man, woman, cartoon, puppet, or have been dead for 40 years. If I find something attractive about someone, I'll have a crush. " Alaina 2127.66


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