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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Day Four Never Ends (July- August 2002)

'Dr.Teeth: "This is a Tiki God of very heavy duty proportions"
Floyd: "We gotta keep our little froggy friend away from this Tiki dude."' Artie 708.7

"Dag, "Elmo Says Boo" is bad enough on video. On DVD it may be a war crime. " Danny 714.3

"Next up on Muppet Central: a startling investigative report on what color oranges are. " Danny 721.10

"Remind me to put a stink bomb in the next letter I send you." Jessica (to Danny) 727.8

"Maybe it was a Pinnochio thing. Arnie the alligator was a puppet, but he wished to his fairy godmother to become a real alligator. Yeah, that must be it." Ryan R. 728.10

"LIFE is a bitch.
Her name is Irma and she's has seventeen litters of puppies. " Smig 730.17

"All you "real name" people are weird and just a little bit scary." Scott 732.27

"I don't know any Certain Aussies.
I am, however, acquainted with a large number of Uncertain ones..." Kynan 732.41

"Now I'm entirely disturbed. That gives a whole new meaning to "Nads, From our home to yours." " First Isha post! 732.55

"Oh please--we taupe-lovin' yuppies are too boring to be spawns of the devil--" Amberly 742.6

Elmo IS on Bear. He paints himself psycedelic, adds a prosthetic tail, and plays Treelo. Smig 772.18


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