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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Day Four Continued (June 2002)

"Watch closely when the Titanic sinks, and you can clearly see a couple of Oompa-Loompas and a guy in a cat suit on the far left of screen sitting underneath a plastic palm tree." Kynan 565.1

"I, as it turns out, actually have no face!" Ryan R. 585.11

"Maybe I should become a vengeance demon." Scott 591.11

"Clams don't eat curry! They eat rice pilaf. " Ryan R 591.19
"No, oysters eat rice pilaf. Clams eat curry. common mistake. " Smig 591.20

Daniel's first thread was 594.1, entitled "Bling Bling Muthufuckus," which inspired the comment:
"I thought the name of this post was referring to the new imaginary friend for Big Bird.
Introducing Bling Bling Muthufuckus the large fuzzy giraffe like creature that always calls Big Bird just Big." Dwayne 594.2

"Wasn't that one of the plagues from the book of Exodus? Rain of Muppets? " Ryan R. 617.32

"Then I did a Google search and found the Muppet underwear picture, and that just made my day. What this says about my life I don't really know. " Danny 620.3

"Sometimes I put Jell-O down my pants." Scott 621.10

"When the chips are down, I think we should all focus on our salad. " Danny 627.1


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