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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Day Four (April- June 2002)

As Warrick begins his sucessful Fraggle Rock petition, Jessica decides that Karen Prell is not only the meanest person alive, she is delusional. 468.1

"Why are so many classic Sesame Street fans so high?" 474.10 Danny

"I think between counting down to the film's 20th Anniversary and discussions of how to braid the Sideshow Kira's hair, there's actually more going on in the Dark Crystal fan community than the Muppet fan community." 477.11 Carolyn

"So everybody's all bored waiting for a) the action figures to come out or b) Muppet Central to burst into flames." 478.1 Danny

"I absolutely HATE candy and I think all things candy should be killed." 478.12 Jog

"Anyone who's been to my apartment will understand when I say that "where will the Muppet stuff go" is pretty much the first thing that comes to mind. It's kind of like if you moved the Atlantic Ocean somewhere; you'd want to know where all the water would go. " 482.8 Danny

"That's an excellent recommendation for "Muppets On Location"... They should use that on the ads. "I was dozing off!" -- Mark P. ..... I feel like an archaeologist. I'll let y'all know if I find any ancient Disney World pottery shards. " 483.5 Danny

"And Baby Bear is the plague. He must go away. Now." 486.9 Emmy

"The one production I did hate, though, was "The Muppets and Carrot Top Celebrate Hitler's Birthday." What were they thinking?" Ryan R. 486.10
(Actually, this entire thread is the greatest.)

"Is it possible young women in this country would have better self-esteem if Miss Piggy was the standard of beauty?" Ryan R. 495.8

"And you're thinking about me in my underwear. I can see your thoughts through the computer screen. " Danny 503.20

"By the way -- it turns out that if you write a really bad, nasty review of someone's TV show, then it's probably not a great idea to try to have a conversation with him later. Apparently it upsets people. I had no idea. " Danny 505.12

"The only thing that could make that website more annoying would be if it blared some sort of freaky sock anthem. " Jess 510.2

"I went to a Denny's last weekend. I walked in and looked around for a poster or something with Miss Piggy on it. A waitress approached and asked if I wanted a table. I said, no, I'm just looking for a friend.
This story is brought to you by the Council for Amazingly Sentimental Fan Stories." Danny 513.14

"This week, Tough Pigs Honors Our Ewoks.
Ewoks! Ewoks! We love you. Thank you for all you do.
We love how cute and fuzzy you are. We love the scene where Wicket waddles across the log to say hi to Princess Leia. We love the scene where the Ewok is trying to throw a stone with a sling and ends up knocking himself out. We love that there are midgets inside of you.
But most of all, most of all -- we love how Star Wars fans get all edgy when we mention Ewoks, like Star Wars was this big serious important drama before the Ewoks came along and messed everything up.
Hooray for you, Ewoks. We light a big fire and shake our little sticks in celebration of you and your neoteny. " Danny 522.10
(Another very excellent thread)

"I want an Arnie the Alligator wind up toy that bites Goggles' head off!" Scott 523.1

"Pronouncing it your way makes it sound like a sex act.
I'm not saying whether that's good or bad. I'm just pointing it out." Danny 524.7

"The company's going through a hard time?
Oh, crap.
I hate you all, your websites suck, and all your opinions are WRONG!
Generic Muppet Fan
PS. I could kick Elmo's ass." Kynan 527.8

Worst idea ever for MuppetFest fund-raising (after 16 years as a Girl Scout, I should know): "Dress up as a scout and sell muffins at the Ohio people." Jog 534.8

"Maybe instead of fighting each other, men and women should team up to fight against the *real* enemy, which is bugs." Danny 536.1 (Good thread!)

"maybe Frank Ozitis is more contagious than medical professionals originally thought." D. W. 544.5

"Did you see any Muppeteers cleaning toilets?" Erik 548.4
"If the Henson company tanks, you just might." Smig 548.5

"Say, is there such a thing as a Muffin eating Shark????? " Terry Angus 540.5

"And I'm not even a competent tap dancer. Go figure. " Danny 552.14

"For me, it's all about being able to say the sentence, "The models are all SPIES?" and really honestly meaning it. " Danny 555.5


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