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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Day Five Continued (October- November 2002)

"I've always wanted to do that with people I don't want to deal with anymore, just send 'em to Switzerland for a peace conference." Danny 920.9 (Is that why my dad sent me to Switzerland that time?)

"In other words: I don't know. Do Germans play baseball?" Isha 926.15 (Answer: No. My German ex-host parents assure me they understand every ball game there is except baseball.)

"At his least he isn't still saddled with the moniker "Buffy"... a dog can only take so much humiliation in a lifetime!" Jessica 931.27 (Watch it, my beloved teddy bear was named "Buffie." I have no idea why, but it's probably why my mom nicknamed me "Beffie.")

"Hmm, the only thing worse than techno babble is drunken techno babble." Isha 934.9

"Surely the obvious solution is to publish a single, unified, master Chronological Order Of Guest Star Death.
The guest star who died first is Show One, the guest star who died second is Show Two and so on.
Granted, it gets more difficult when you run out of guest stars who are actually dead, but that's where the added fun of Completely Subjective Speculation comes into it. " Kynan 937.5

Cool interview of guy who worked with Muppets: 938.1

"Never mind, my posts are clearly becoming more and more like Dadaist poetry every day. I have to go feed the piano." Danny 940.12

Michael Frith and Kathy Mullen do their bit to save the world, while all Danny notices is that they got married: 951.1

Interview about Kami in which I would like to kick said interviewer in the pants: 957.1

"Thanks to the Jackie Chan/Henson merger, we can now look forward to films like "Penguin in the Bronx," "Superbear-on-Patrol," "Legend of Drunken Muppet," and a buddy movie in which Chan plays a cop who is hilariously mismatched with the Swedish Chef. Watch the fun as you try to understand what either of them is saying. " Ryan R. 960.21

First TP anniversary: 979.1

Ernie and Bert interview: 982.5

"When I was very young, I thought Nanny was Ronald McDonald's wife because they both have striped stockings." Ryan R 990.8

"I'm sorry to say this, Dr and Mrs Wiesner, but your daughter has...a belated cumpleaсos feliz.
There's not much we can do now but try to make her comfortable." Kynan 992.13

"<My Christmas tree cost less than that. >>
I think the Jim Henson Company costs less than that..." Emmy 993.18

Non-Fraggle Stuff: 997.1

"It's a youth-centered age we live in, when even homeless syndicated programs won't admit to passing above the frightful 18-25 demographic." David S. 1000.1

"Danny has a Kermit? Is that from when he was a baby? Actually, I don't know if Danny is a baby or a kid. Or... a grown-up? *thinks* Well, Danny likes Sesame Street. He thinks Bert and Ernie have hundreds of the same shirts and pants. *crazy laughter* Danny!"
Emileigh, quoted by Jessica 1004.15

"Most ridiculous cereal names: Urkel-os and C3P-Os. can you imagine someone trying to ward off the Empire with a bowl of cereal?" Smig 1006.11


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