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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Day Fifteen Still Continuing (August 2003)

"You Know You're an Obsessed Muppet Fan When:
You drive an hour to the nearest comic book shop because you think that Muppets action figure might be there.
You try to guess the Number of the Day with Count and get angry when you don't guess the right number.
You ask your chef friend if he could whip up some radish bars.
You own all of those novelty rubber duckies, just because it all started with Ernie.
You watch Muppet Babies waiting for a cameo by Baby Janice or Bean Bunny.
You annoy your friends with all of your ridiculous Muppet facts." Ryan 2279.1

"You Know You Are An Obsessed Fan When...
- your name is on a Palisades package
- you buy clothes that make you look like Gonzo, Rizzo, Scooter, Ernie or Gobo
- you grow your hair because it makes you look Muppety
- the only reason you're kind to people is because you know it would be a great character moment if you were a Muppet
- you walk around scatting and going "Squeet squeet, squat squat" in Wembley's voice
- "Wo-man" and "Buh-bye" are words you use regularly
- you try to scrunch your face like Kermit whenever you're slightly annoyed, making yourself look highly idiotic
- you just DON'T care whether Ernie and Bert are gay or not - you design monster dungeon playsets for Palisades
- you redesign the Statler figure for Palisades
- you create a website about an unknown character, hoping that Palisades will make a figure of that character someday
- you seriously think that every Muppet ever made would sell as a seperate action figure
- you consider Miss Mousey a main character on the Muppet Show
- you learn the names of the Jack Parnell orchestra by heart
- you refer to yourself as Boober whenever you're slightly down
- you tell your friends to stop Wembling
- you don't use the name "that dog with the glasses" in your database of Muppet puppets
- you consider yourself a lover of puppetry whereas you hate marionettes, shadow puppets, ventriloquism and any other techniques the Muppets hardly ever used" Jog 2279.4

"That has to be the gayest thing written by a straight man ever. I love you!" David S. to Scott 2287.58
"It's an ongoing battle between Kynan and I." Scott 2287.60

"Pogs always sounded to me like something you ate and got indegestion from." Scott 2288.60

How gay are you? 2299.1


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