Tough Pig Incredible Journey

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Day Fifteen (July- August 2003)

"Whoever designed that cover needs to step away from the drugs and the crayons..." Emmy 2138.6

"Relationships are a lot like Fraggles, you know. In the beginning, things are very Red - exciting, passionate, playful. You become totally engrossed in the person, wanting to explore every part of what makes him tick, a la the ever curious Gobo. Then, after discovering the horrible truth about what makes him tick, you become a little withdrawn and introspective about where the relationship is going - very Mokey. He begins to notice you pulling away and asks you what's going on, and you both face that awful Wembley time of indecision. Then things finally end and you're left with nothing but a Boober story. Not to mention a Trash Heap." John 2139.4

"I'll cry for anything. But not Argentina. And not the Wiggles. " Quinn 2146.4

The Lynda Carter episode rocks bigtime. 2153.1

Mini Tough Pigs Fest in London: 2159.1
I'm kicking myself, I've been to Hampstead Heath and didn't notice Don Sahlin's bench.

"They should make Muppet band-aids featurin' "Vet's Hospital"!
They should! " Byron 2165.14

"I found a site where a third-grade teacher recommends using my piece on My Week with Tomie dePaola as supplemental reading with DePaola books...
I wish someone really would use Tough Pigs to teach elementary school. What an education those kids would get!" Danny 2177.1

"Y'know, I often feel that Telly is bothering me in some way, but I don't go attacking him with raingear. What's the matter with people? " Danny 2178.3
"If everyone who felt that a Muppet was bothering them attacked that Muppet, the real Elmo would need a 24 hour bodyguard." Ryan R 2178.4

Muppets Ice Cream Flavors: 2182.1

First Kiss: 2184.1

"Watching Dark Crystal drunk? I'm getting high from just watching Labyrinth, period. The key is to vigorously look at Bowie's crotch without blinking. Now that's better than mushrooms, spacecake and booze combined!" Julia 2185.35
"So our plan is to get together and look at David Bowie's crotch." Jog 2185.36

First Muppet Huggings: 2189.1


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