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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Day Fifteen Continued (August 2003)

Mystery of the Twiddlebug bookclub: 2190.1

"I love the picture of Herry throwing the candles at the Twiddlebugs on Page 14. Terrifying, very Godzillaesque, ultimately out of character for Herry, but very exciting if you're a little Twiddlebug yourself. " Quinn 2190.2

"So I think what I learned was....If I get pissed because bugs took my ugly pants, I should throw candles at them. " Alaina 2190.3

"Indeed, this would have been Early Herry. Feral Herry. WILD Herry. I think his nude state perfectly represents this untamed period of his life. " John 2190.22

"[Sherlock Hemlock]'s a drug dealer.
Think about it....
Hemlock... Not too bright... Always wandering around aimlessly." Nate 2190.38

"Speaking of Fraggle names, I only recently discovered that the name Traveling Matt is a joke.
A "traveling matte" is the special-effects term for (if I've got this right) a moving shot of performers with backgrounds added in later. " Danny 2195.20

*irony alert*
"It's nice to see Luke and MC doing some quality work." Danny 2199.1

Tough Pigs website turns two: 2247.1

"All of these Ryans is why I put the hyphens and my last initial in my name... It was either that, or legally change my name to Bartholomew." Ryan R 2255.4

Guillermo's first post: 2262.1

"What about these [new urban myths]:
-I am secretly dating Luke
-Carol Spinney was attacked during one of his booksignings by an anonymous person wearing a TP shirt
-Kynan does not live in Australia but he's a funny homeless person Danny keeps in his basement -Ken Lilly is married to Hester
-Quinn has been asked to design a new Muppet line for Palisades -
Charlotte doesn't exist, Mar and Mike only made her up to keep people from asking about new Kermitage updates " Julia 2266.49


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