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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Day Eleven Continuing (May 2003)

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Ernie and Bert...

"If your roommate appears to steal your cookies, it's really just a blue monster wearing clothes and hair that looks just like your roommate. " Tom 1675.4

"You can have no visible means of support all year round, but money will only ever be an issue at Christmas.
It ain't a REAL trip to Egypt unless you see a singing statue." Kynan 1675.5

"You can't hear with a banana in your ear. " Alaina 1675.6

"It isn't a real bath unless 12 or 14 bath toys are involved. " Mike C. 1675.17

"Occasionally a man in a trenchcoat will try to sell you such abstract concepts as numbers, letters or possibly even air. Always take him up on it. " Tom 1675.21

We now return to your regular programming:

"Jerry Nelson has a whole selection of sigs for his characters also, Robin going up stairs, Floyd against music bars and Crazy Harry in an explosion. Though of everyone I love John Henson's sig, he signs a Sweetums sig then signs himself off, "John Henson - an Original Jim Henson creation". " Michael 1677.9

"Phil Donahue is actually my imaginary friend. I call him Mr. Snuf-Phil-upagus." Ryan R. 1678.30

"That'd make a nice addition to a Muppet performers list. "Frank Oz: performed by Jim Henson." " Jog 1678.82

"What I learned from Scott and Danny: All our friends wear hats." Isha 1688.8

Scott kisses Oscar: 1698.1

"I will now blast you with my Elmo Slingshot of Cuteness. " Scott 1712.23


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