Tough Pig Incredible Journey

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Day Eleven (April- May 2003)

Isha gets attacked by the ugly toys: 1626.1

"Oooh, Mama's takin' us to the zoo tomorrow,
The zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow,
Mama's takin' us to the zoo tomorrow,
And we can stay all day. " Jessica 1634.18 I love this song.

"Really, the ToughPigs forum is just the beachhead for our Evil Scott Plan To Take Over The World. Soon, you will *all* change your name to Scott!" Scott M. 1634.44

Martha as sort of a new person: 1634.110

"I would not with some lox. Not in a box and not with sox. I would not fox on a box of sox." Scott 1636.39

"My favorite Bit was when they asked Kermit and Piggy if they had a special word for Bloopers, and Kermit says "I call them piggies." and Piggy is like "What??" and Kermits all "Yup, Piggies. I call them piggies all the time." It was so cute! and then ofcourse Piggy let him have it. "I'll show you a piggy!" she said, and *whack!*
Fozzie's answer? "A special name for bloopers and flubs? Yeah. I call them Harold." Isha 1638.1

"My dog doesn't pay much attention to TV, except when there is a doorbell sound effect, then she goes nuts." Isha 1641.26 Mine too.

"Me want panties.
Best title for a thread ever." Kynan 1650.6

"But doesn't everyone here constitute a random weirdo? We're safe for children ages 3 and up. " Sarah 1651.7

[Quinn's first conversation with Melissa] "involved her doing a Swedish Chef impression, "loaf of bread, quart of milk, stick of butter," and other Muppety memories. That's when I knew I wouldn't let her go, and started stalking her. " Quinn 1650.10

"Of course, the corollary would be "where did Byron first expose himself to the Muppets?" But we don't need to know. No, we don't. " Quinn 1654.5

"It feels like Beaker and Bunsen are having a party in my mouth!" Alaina 1669.1

"Are you saying I have balls?
... I'm not sure how I feel about this." Isha 1670.5


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